Saturday, 14 May 2011

The departures.

Hi everyone. I safely arrived at Chicago-O'hare Airport at 12.40p.m. local time. Currently at my sister's house in Urbana-Champaign, get ready to attend her graduation ceremony. It's about 10C outside. Wondering if I can actually wear the dress I brought from Malaysia.. Too chill!

So, lets begin with our journey. Our flight to Singapore by Malaysia Airlines was at 10.40p.m. Most of the family members came to send us off. We arrived at Singapore Changi Airport at 11.45p.m., checked in Transit Ambassador Hotel and slept only for roughly 3 hours since we need to catch up our transit flight to HK at 6.05 a.m. We arrived at HK International Airport at 9.40a.m. before continue our journey to Chicago at 11.05 a.m.

I want to talk about United Airlines services that we used. Well, I never used any airlines other than MAS, AirAsia and Ryan Air (when I went to Paris and Rome). What can I tell about it is, it was so big and I became so jakun seeing stairs to go to upper level (its a Boeing!). And the most important thing is, they provided Moslem meals for special order, and it was seriously delicious!

Moslem meals for me! Tasty!

Since I never been to HK before, and I used to love HK when I was 13 years old, like I love Korea now. gara2 terpengaruh dengan crite polis HK sampai berangan nak jadi polis HK jugak tehee, being able to step on HK's land was priceless!

View of HK land from the sky ;)

Heading to Chicago...
As we arrived at Chicago-O'hare airport, Kak Layla who arrived from the UK a day before fetched us and brought to Super 8 Motel. And guess what, the motel only cost us £30 per room! nama pun motel kann.. but it was very comfortable with nice interior. In the next morning, we started our journey to my sister's place in Urbana-Champaign since she's graduating on the same day. I'll talk about it later on. Jetlag, bye~!

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