Monday, 23 May 2011


Before I start, FYI, I've provided the links together for further infomation if you're planning to visit USA.. Ok now, let's start!

So finally I'm back! Home sweet home. took 12+7 hours flight from LA-Tokyo-Singapore. Stayed at Ambassador Transit Hotel for one night before back to Malaysia. Indeed a very long journey. My legs cramped and I ate a lot on plane. Eat, sleep, eat, watch movie half way, sleep again. Seriously, I feel very fat.

After all, I totally love this trip! A day after my sister's convocation at Urbana-Champaign, we packed up our bags and went through a 3-hour journey to Chicago by minivan we rented. We stayed at Chicago O'hare Garden Hotel for 3 days. Although just 1 mile away from O'hare Airport, I totally not recommend this hotel to you. Cozy style, but no Wi-Fi in room provided. We can only access the internet at the lobby hotel. But.. but I actually enjoyed it there since.. I can cuci mata, a lot of koreans stayed at the hotel, loitering at the lobby here and there! Felt like I was in Korea! My sis said that they are students, and guess what, 1. they speak English (educated one) 2. they wore LV bag to class (very rich one!). Ok gedik! enough.

On the first day we arrived at Chicago, it was almost night, so we only managed to have dinner at Usmania. They offer Halal Chinese and Indian foods, and the other restaurant is just right across the street. We had Chinese dine that night which only cost about USD$50 for 5 persons.

The next day was lovely! Lovely weather about 12C, lovely money flew off. We went to Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlet, an hour from the hotel we stayed, and trust me, please bring a lot of money since you will do irresistible, unstoppable shopping, because everything is cheap! (if you don't convert to RM, kalau convert nanges2 bayar..) We spent 4 hours only at Correlle and Coach. I bought 2 sets of Correlle for my sponsor, Kak Aznim (thanks for the $money$!), and a Coach handbag for her. Lucky us, Coach offered additional 30% off for each item on that day! And I bought so many branded goods for myself! Ok I'm not gonna list it down here. In the evening, we went to Kak Nana's house and met Malaysian students a.k.a. my sister's friends celebrated their graduation.

Next day we went to Chicago downtown, took about 1 hour from the hotel. As we arrived, it was drizzling and cold about 10C, we parked the car and walked down to Millennium Park which offers dazzling music, art, landscape design and architecture including the mammoth stainless-steel Cloud Gate sculpture. chehh bombastik punye ayat. Ok, I copy-pasted it from here. hehee

Btw, I tried to minimize the amount of pictures here, but since I want to show how beautiful the places are, please don't mind, ok?
Lunch Subway je pon, tapi nampak sedap so nak letak jgk pic nie, esp Doritos tue tehee.
We continued walking down the street and went into Forever XXI, and again, shopping~!
Ariff felt asleep when we were shopping, so we walked and went to Hard Rock Cafe to rest, and eat.
We bought souvenirs at HRC for other siblings then, took our car and drove to other places.Before we went back to our hotel, we dropped by at The Cheesecake Factory and bought 2 slices of huge portion super delicious cheesecake! Wish I had an empty stomach to try the pasta, seriously smelled good! Thinking about the foods and cheesecakes now makes me drooling. Oh my saliva~! *wipe off*

Then again we went to Usmania and had Indian foods this time. Briyani.. delicious!
Then we flew off to LA the next day. End!

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