Sunday, 3 April 2011

A-Team's gathering.. and a SNATCHER!

This is a story about a girl named Filla. hehee. We went to OU on Saturday and met at Carl's Jr. It's been a while.. Filla, Zatie, Fami, Ain (Fami's gf) and Daus showed up that day.
notice something weird with that patung? kekekeke
When we were happily eating and shopping, unfortunately something bad happened to Filla. She went to praying room around 7.55pm, alone, meanwhile all of us eating at, she came back to us, running wearing someone else's hijab, and shouted "Tolong korang, tolong korang! Ade orang ragut beg aku kat dalam surau mase aku tengah amik air sembahyang. Dengan tudung-tudung skali die amik." I was like.. OMG! jahatnye!

Then we ran and seperately went to the praying room, toilet, information counter, and exit door to atleast checked out the incident place and the possible places that SHE might hide out. But hmm.. It was too late, blame the OU management. We reported the incident to them and hoping that they might atleast allow us to see from CCTV installed outside the praying room, or they can watch it on the spot, close all the exit and emergency doors and dangg! catch the culprit. Ok that's impossible. But what they asked us to do was make a report at police station, bring the police together to inspect CCTV camera. Ridiculous right? It was late and... hmm we almost gave up.

But we were curious about who did this, so we went to the police station and of course, brought 2 cool inspectors together with us. ketar lutut orang management kat situ. padan muka! hehee Filla was asked to watch and inspect any possible culprit from CCTV. The incident time was around 7.55pm to 8.10pm. From the CCTV recorded, only 2 persons came out from the praying room, and this one in black woman, suspiciously rushing out holding unrecognizable bag.
The inspectors then said, "Ini orang yang sama buat case dekat Curves. Dah dalam 3 bulan dia senyap, sekarang buat kat OU pulak. Kita tak boleh tangkap die macam tu je sebab takde gambar mase die mencuri tu, tapi kita ada gambar jelas dia. Tunggu die kena tangkap in action je" Ok.

We discussed about it and came out with a conclusion, THE WOMAN INVOLVED IS ONE OF THE STAFFS. why?
1. She was wearing black jacket, black pants, black hijab and pink shirt (seems like JUSCO's staff).
2. The cleaner alerted about this, asked at the information desk "Mana si xxxx? dia pergi surau ke?" and the answer, yes. The cleaner knows that person.
3. She knows the position of CCTV, and the way out.

Hmm.. although it is possible to get the bag back, but atleast 'KAMI BERSAMA POLIS MEMBANTU MENYELESAIKAN JENAYAH' hehee

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dieya said...

omigod that's super scary! and at a place like OU! kat surau pulak tu! and the snatcher is a woman! arghhhhh scary factor multiplied!!!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

exactly! mcm x expect lgsg kan kt surau pun ade nk mencuri. prempuan plak! so bad. next time kne be more careful. x blh percaye lgsg!