Saturday, 19 March 2011

Super Show 3 in Malaysia.

Ahh.. I really wanna put '!' at the end of the title 'Super Show 3 in Malaysia' but I try to control myself, konon nak tunjuk cool lar kan.. kekee. Excited much? Hell yeahhh!! It's Super Junior in da house! and definitely my bb KIM HEECHUL yeaa yeahhh!!
I've mentioned in previous post that I'll go to watch Super Show 3 concert alone, well yea. I've arrived on time (around 4.30p.m.), despite traffic jam along the way. And an accident!

It was drizzling and cold. I stopped by at Mesra to buy foods and mineral water since I forgot to take breakfast and lunch. Too excited I guess tehee. I drove based on instinct, thank God I found the signboard of 'Kompleks Sukan Negara'!

So here I am.. Super Junior's Super Show 3 Malaysia!!

Me pointing at my bias.. KIM HEECHUL!!

I was suppose to wear 'IheartKim Heechul' tee on that day, but 'thanks' to my brother for not keeping his promise whatsoever. Last minute decision, I wore SPAO-Heechul design's tee (thank God I have it! heard quite alot people commented, 'she's wearing SPAO lar wehh'. ok got it. hehee), and Heechul's nametag (I'm a PETAL y'all!), and sapphire pearl blue shawl-represented ELF.

These are fellow ELFs, blue enough? not really.
Now, THESE are the ocean waves. The power of ELFs. Goose bumps~!So what is Super Junior? Don't lie to me and say that you don't know what that is. Sorry Sorry (it's so 2008!), Bonamana played on the radio all the time. Aite, aite??

These are the members of SJ. Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, HEECHUL, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Yesung, Donghae, Kangin (currently doing military service), Hankyung (I don't even dare to say this word - former member. too sensitive for ELFs :<), Kibum (MIA). And additional 2 chinese members from SJ-M, Henry and Zhoumi.

PLUS, my most favourite korean guitarist TRAX's Jungmo also was here for SS3! yadaaaa~
Ok, I've arranged the photos (total 566 photos. fyuhhh! but 70% came out blurry!) from 2 cameras I brought (and both went out of batteries before the concert ended). Now I'll be quiet and let pictures talk.
Super Junior - M!
Solo performances by all members.
Performance by Zhoumi (vocalist), Henry (violinist), HEECHUL (drummer!) and yeahhhh JUNGMO (the awesome guitarist!). Double awesomeness!
Super Junior - T!
Visual of Kangin on stage. Honestly, I cried. fuffuuu.
My BB ;)
Super Junior - H!
Overall, I enjoyed it so much I can't describe in words. Although I came alone, but I didn't feel that way, not even once. I met and spoke to ELFs and Petals, and talked randomly. Well, all of them did.

There were so many cute and unstoppable laughing moments during this 3-hour concert. Leader Leeteuk with his 'APA KHABAR?' all the time. During introduction when he came out wearing 'serban' and said 'Apa khabar', Eunhyuk then said 'Omma khabar' ROFL. ok don't understand the joke? ok i'll explain. In Korean, apa means father and omma means mother. So get it? ;) Even when he was supposed to say 'terima kasih' at the end, but still he ended it up with 'apa khabar' LOL. And he was once said 'Alhamdulillah' and I was like "errrr Teukkie.." *ok I admit, I laughed hehhe*. Let's get married Leeteuk!
My most unforgettable moment was during Yesung's solo performance, It Has To Be You *Cinderella Stepsister OST*. The chorus part seriously gave me goose bumps when ELFs started to sing together despite different spoken languages. It was too beautiful and astonished me. Yesung seems impressed too and almost cried. Kudos to Malaysian ELFs!

Unfortunately, my BB HEECHUL came out once in a blue moon during performances *sigh* I thought it was due to his illness since SS3Shanghai incident, but at the end after we screamed and shouted his name 'KIM HEECHUL! KIM HEECHUL!' *especially me, siap bangun loncat2 lagi kekee* several times, out loud, he came out and said 'I'm not sick kekee'. He spoke Konglish very well and made jokes a lot towards the end. PLUS, he promised us with SS4 yikes! I took too many pictures when he wasn't around. Once he came out I can only captured it with my eyes and stored it in my heart ;)


P.s. The pictures posted here are blurry compared to my original copies *long sigh*P.s.p.s. Got major sore throat and headache right after that, but seriously, I don't care!
P.s.p.s.p.s (if this even valid :p) I miss them already. I MISS HEECHUL THE MOST!CLICK HERE for my SS2's awesome experience! PLUS, stalked them at the airport ;)

de E.L.F, or should I call myself, PETAL? ;p

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