Thursday, 24 March 2011

MTV Shibuhara Girls.

I've been watching Shibuhara Girls on MTV since the first episode. Filled up with beautiful and fascinating girls, and I get hooked! With 12 episodes, each 30 minutes at length, Shibuhara Girls is basically about 4 women working hard as they attempt to achieve and make their DREAMS MEET REALITY in Japan's crazy competitive fashion and media world.

you can check the TRAILER here.
In latest episode 7-Bonds, I fell in love with Shion's(the gf) and A-Key(the bf) scene on top of ferris wheel when they went out dating after a long time. They seem awkward at first even after 5-6 years be in relationship. But there were some dialogues that very fascinating, and I'm captivated. Then I realized, their relationship is still blooming.

A-key: Do you know the population of Tokyo? There are about 13 millions people. Amazing right? And in the middle of the crowd, we met each other.
Shion: Meeting each other in the middle of the crowd is amazing, but getting into each other is more amazing.
A-key: I do want to meet you, but I’ve been busy. Now our relationship is only base on trust... Honestly, we haven’t meet for a while, but once I see you, I really still love you.

Auwww.. super sweet aite? cheesy me :D You can catch the next episode on channel MTV every Saturday at 2PM. If you missed the previous episodes, check it here at!

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masshie mastura said...

tengok2 tapi i xkenal dorg nie bnrnye.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

dorg mmg x famous pun in japan, me pun x knal jgk. hehe this is a real show psl life dorg. interesting sgt.