Saturday, 12 March 2011

The good old days.

When I was deleting few unnecessary photos from my albums, I found this. I digged all the photos out and realized 'I never have a chance to mention about me in UiTM Sarawak.' or 'I wasn't an active blogger back then'

This is our first Dean List Award ceremony at Crown Plaza Hotel, Kuching. And most of us received it.. every semester :)

During first meeting with juniors, I was the KEJURA's treasurer. tehee
Our photo session, but I think I lost the formal photo of us :(
During our ETR presentation day. Still can't believe we managed to finish up business plan with only the 3 of us.. *the girls*

We watched movies.. every week.
We played bowling.. sometimes.
Karaoke-ing everytime tests and quizzes ended.
We played futsal all together.. once :)
We celebrated Hari Raya together.. every year.
We participated in KEJURA activities.. often.
We teamed up to fight other batches.. always.
We wore something pretty, put on some make-up to celebrate our pre-graduation.
We planned for our own activities, here and there.
We went to Perjumpaan Anak-anak Sarawak although not all of us are Sarawakians :p
We celebrated our graduation day together.
We met up and gathered again after a few years.
Thanks to these people, I'm able to speak bahasa Sarawak like a pure Sarawakian. tehee.. I don't know when I will be able to visit Sarawak again. kinda miss these old days.

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