Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Without you. A tribute.

I don't even know why I'm so in the mood of piano pieces lately. When I was listening to it from my playlist, I heard Yoshiki Hayashi's Without You, and my heart felt heavy..

I discovered about X-Japan through this video about 5 years ago. How sad, it was actually a video report on one member of X-japan's death, Hide. I might understand only 2 or 3 sentences back then but as I watched this, it brought tears to my eyes, nonstop. And I realized it was too late.

"In 1998, the world of Japanese music lost one of it's brightest and most influential musicians. Former X Japan lead guitarist Hideto Matsumoto known as "Hide" was found dead in his apartment by suicide. He was found with a towel around his neck tied to the bathroom door having apparently hung himself. Hide was reportedly drunk at the time, but it still does not give any clue as to why he killed himself. It is quite true that Hide's death had a huge effect. 50,000 fans reportedly showed up for the funeral, stretching a kilometer from the temple. 12,000 actually attended the wake. 26 people were hospitalized as many fans fainted and a few others attempted to commit suicide. After the wake, two people died by suicide." Tragic.

He wrote this after Hide passed away. Without You is a tribute to Hide by the leader of X-japan, Yoshiki Hayashi (my most favourite pianist). R.I.P

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