Saturday, 5 February 2011

oh not again!

Heyh, guess what is this? Hint: it's not a pearl LOL :p
It's actually a piece of my teeth! Eeuww.. haha i know. My teeth broke off this morning when I was eating keropok lekor while talking to my sis in US on the phone!

We discussed about the latest style of hijab, pashmina, and Hana Tajima, then suddenly KRUKK! I knew right away my rotten teeth that caused me in pain last 2 months broke off half a side, finally.

It's annoying because it's sharp and keeps rubbing against my cheek. Huh.. Another appointment with dentist. sigh.


Adik said...

HAHAHA dah besar2 pun gigi boleh patah

AYApunyaCINTA said...

gigi patah xkire usia :P

P.s. apekah anda buat di blog ini adik??