Monday, 28 February 2011

Kak Layla's departure.

After two weeks in Malaysia, we sent my sister and her family off yesterday. Her flight to Abu Dhabi and transit to London was at 8.20 p.m by Etihad Airways.
Kak Layla the Dr Layd.
and her children, Ariff(red) and Aina(green).. oh and additional, Alya the super active one.
Alif, cuci mate ye?

Unfortunately, due to technical problem, the flight was delayed, they were stranded in KLIA until late at night, then they provided hotel and transportation services until today, and yes, they missed the transit flight. Poor them!

btw, these are my 5 out of 8 nieces and nephews. Finally they gave full co-operation to their aunty, gathered together and 1,2,3 CLICK!

From the tallest to smallest: Ammar Danish, Aina Syakirah, Alya Safiah, Ariff Zikri and Alif Safwan.

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