Thursday, 3 February 2011

The interviews.

It's been 3 months since I graduated from UiTM. I was kinda sorting myself, my heart, my mind, thought about what I'm gonna do next, to further my studies or to get a job. Decision has been made, get a job is priority.

My very first interview was with Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd, my former employer during industrial training. I found out that they were looking for new staffs via ConvoJobShop under UiTM. So Fila, Wanie and I tried out. We also met Fahmi, Pijol, and Aimi during the interview session. I knew their working environment since I've been trained there for 2 months, so I actually not really interested to work with them. Well, the result from my first interview, I failed. I was mentioned that they actually looking for men staff only. Too bad, huh? no, this is discrimination!

My second interview with UEM Land. For fresh graduates, they offered to be their trainers under Young Executive Scheme (YES). Unfortunately, the training contract is actually for 1 year with allowance RM1200 per month and based at Cyberjaya. Yes, too far. So the result, failed.

Filla, Aimi, Wanie and me went to UEM, and ate at Steak House, Serdang ;)

My latest interview was with Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd based at Kajang, about 1 hour from my home. I applied for an assistant lecturer position at their college KLIUC, but they offered me a position of civil engineer. But this time, I screwed up myself. They asked me about Structure Analysis, the subject i learned 2 years ago with Dr. Azmi, and I seriously hated that class. The question was 'what is the difference between Stiffness method and Flexibility method', and my answer was, 'I can't remember'. Nice. Most of the questions they asked ended up with my simple answer 'I can't remember'. So again, I failed.

But although I failed, I never regret I went for the interviews. I gain experiences through it and I learn so many things about myself. One, I didn't make any preparation before the interviews. Padan muka. Two, I realize that I talked almost 100% only the truth during interviews. I told them I want to further my master studies for the next intake in September. So, which company wants to take this only-want-to-be-a-temporary-engineer as their staff, huh?

fyi. my very first outing wearing scarf tehee ;)

So, I'm learning to tell white lies for this time being. My 3rd brother acts as the interviewer, my 2nd brother as my advisor on which company is good which not, my sister-in-law in Holland checked the quality of my resume, the others are the supporters.. and bankers ;)

With love,


dieya said...

good luck with the interviews!
but if you only wanna work to fill the time till september comes, memang susah nak dpt white collar job. why not do some sales work or even McD, coz sementara jek kan ;-)

john n amal said...

aya!! amal pun sama! xtau macam mana nak tipu time interview. semua jawapan jujur belaka! hahaha :P

AYApunyaCINTA said...

dieya: thanks, yea i've been thinking nak cari keje sambil2 buang mase. will start after raya cina. ehhe

amal: kann?!! xreti nak tipu. kne tuntut ilmu mengayat ngan fami :(