Monday, 28 February 2011

IELTS exam.

Hye peeps!
Can you see I'm such in a good mood? well, my IELTS exam is over yikes! I don't know the result yet, but the listening test was too fast and too much information to catch on. I really don't wanna talk about reading test. It was terrible, I couldn't even randomly guess few answers when my answer paper was taken right away after the announcement.

I don't think my writing was good enough since I had 'I need to pee. I need to go to the toilet please' in my mind. It was so cold and we were not given time-break at all. The speaking test, I think I did quite well since the interviewer asked questions related to seeking for a job which is so me.

Talking about seeking for a job, I bought this book when I was killing my time to wait for speaking test. 'The Lazy Girl's Guide to Success' by Anita Naik. I'm still reading it, but it simply boost my spirit to find a job, and get a life! So I determine to get a part-time job nearby. Why? well actually, I cannot have a permanent job until the end of May.. because I'm going for holiday yahooo! Where? I'll give you a hint. soon. bye.

With love,

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