Sunday, 27 February 2011

Jalan TAR for shopping.

Because Kak Layla suddenly interested with my baju kurung cotton and shawl collections, and since she will come back to Malaysia for good in June, and the fact that she has only 2-3 baju kurung to wear, so we *my sis, my mom and me* went to Jalan TAR and she bought tonnes. And again, Aina and Aliff were left at home. poor kiddos.
Kak Layla was counting money left.
Mom was tired.. and hungry.
And look at my oily face. euuwwww. i dont care.

What I want to highlight is.... this.
I ate this super fattening macaroni and cheese. and again, I don't care.
Liar, i feel bad. I'm so sorry my body.

btw, let's check out how were the kiddos doing at home?
hmm.. not really in good mood.
ok. not at all.
at least Arif tried to make 'peace'.
but i guess since they were together, they still can put a smile on their face. WORLD PEACE AUNTY YAN!

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