Sunday, 27 February 2011

English class at British Council.

Hello everyone!
I finally get up from my comfort zone, sitting on the couch, eating snacks and watching TV all day yayy. I enjoyed this two weeks so much that I hope it never ends. But yea, it's over.

Ok back to square one. Let's talk about my class. I was in upper-intermediate class, which I thought I might get problem to cope with the high level of english in that class, but I was wrong. The class consisted of 22 students from Iran, Libya, Russia, the Maldives, Kryzystan I don't know how to spell, Korea and Malaysia, and I was the only malay girl in that class. They were all awesome and nice people. My new friends and I even had lunch together and walked around at KLCC twice.

So, Kevin *the teacher* remembered my name right away. He teased me a lot about the statement I've made during class. 'I take shower for at least half an hour everyday'. He called me a geologist expert when I explained in detail about how are tsunamis created. I explained about the tectonic plate movement, convergence and divergence, highest waves near the shore, then everyone started clapping and praising LOL

I've meet new friends including her, Nagres from Iran. She's been staying here for almost 6 months now. She's so pretty and always like to pitch my cheeks i don't even know why.

And this is Ji Eun from Korea. she's at her 40's but doesn't look like one, aite? She knows that I learn Korean Language and asked me to read her hangeul writing and as a gift, i got korean chocolate pie from her. hehee

On the last day, she gave me this children book as present. She's so nice, aite?

We've planned to eat korean foods at Hartamas on the last day, but something came up, I couldn't join them. *Honestly, I made an excuse. I'm afraid I don't think there have any halal korean foods restaurant at that area. She asked me to try soju even after I explained about why I don't drink alcohol. There was another cute Korean guy in that class, James or his korean name, Chung Yoon. but I got no chance to talk to him since he came to the class only twice.

Well, I've mentioned about one super cute Iranian guy. I was like omigosh, I couldn't take my eyes of him when I first joined the class. Such a beautiful creature, ok metaphor. He has a great long wavy hair and I super like it. I usually sat opposite to him so that I can see him clearly, well not very clearly because I don't wear my spectacles all the time. I had a chance to talk to him once, no. twice. only twice. first time, when Kevin asked him to be my partner for speaking session, second time, when he sat next to me the whole day, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. But because I was so scared to ask to take his picture, I can only take these.

His bag.

And his books. Ahh poor me!

However, I'm glad I joined this class because I get to know a lot of great people, make new foreign friends. Well, most of them come to Malaysia because they just want to learn English, without have to think about work or money problem, so I assume most of them are rich people. Ohh so lucky!


dieya said...

hope you'll find a reason to take his pic real soon! can't wait to see it ;-D

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hahaa unfortunately i don't have his contact number. i searched his name on fb, but no good sign. *sigh*