Saturday, 12 February 2011

Drama reviews

Since I got so much time to kill, these are the K-dramas that I've watched since November 2010.(excluded dramas that I watched on KBSWorld)

1. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Note: I give this drama 7.5 out of 10. It is an interesting fantasy love drama between human and a gumiho. I simply fall in love with incredibly handsome Dongjoo, a gumiho's hunter.

2. Playful Kiss
Note: Adapted from manga's Itazura na Kiss, this is a story about a high school girl who is in the bottom of her class has had a crush on popular and genius male student. I've watched Japanese and Taiwanese versions, but I never get sick with this version. so I give 8 over 10.

3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Note: This drama protraited in the late Joseon era during the reign of King Jeongjo. A girl enters school and disguised as a boy in her desperation to support her family, and then fall in love. My favourite character is the playboy Goo Yong Ha. I give 8 over 10.

4. Coffee House
Note: Although I think Coffee House comes with a refreshing story, I think this drama has an unexpected ending. But I give 6.5 over 10, the kind of drama that you will enjoy to watch, but only once.

5. Secret Garden
Note: A famous drama with beautiful plots, it is a love story between super rich guy and stuntwoman, a twist of intrigue took place in the plot when both of them switched souls when they woke up one morning. I admire the beautiful scenes, no matter how much I anticipated for this drama, I'm sorry, I can only give 7.5 out of 10. The houses are totally cool. And my favourite character is Director Im :)

6. Prosecutor Princess
Note: I totally recommend this drama. It is a must-watch drama, seriously. The scripts run fast, dynamic, mysterious and never boring. I watched continuously up until 7 in the morning, for 2 days. And I think I'm gonna watch it again tonight ;) So, I give 10 out of 10!!

* * * *

my next drama is PASTA. and I can't wait to watch No Minwoo with long hair!!

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