Monday, 28 February 2011

Kak Layla's departure.

After two weeks in Malaysia, we sent my sister and her family off yesterday. Her flight to Abu Dhabi and transit to London was at 8.20 p.m by Etihad Airways.
Kak Layla the Dr Layd.
and her children, Ariff(red) and Aina(green).. oh and additional, Alya the super active one.
Alif, cuci mate ye?

Unfortunately, due to technical problem, the flight was delayed, they were stranded in KLIA until late at night, then they provided hotel and transportation services until today, and yes, they missed the transit flight. Poor them!

btw, these are my 5 out of 8 nieces and nephews. Finally they gave full co-operation to their aunty, gathered together and 1,2,3 CLICK!

From the tallest to smallest: Ammar Danish, Aina Syakirah, Alya Safiah, Ariff Zikri and Alif Safwan.

IELTS exam.

Hye peeps!
Can you see I'm such in a good mood? well, my IELTS exam is over yikes! I don't know the result yet, but the listening test was too fast and too much information to catch on. I really don't wanna talk about reading test. It was terrible, I couldn't even randomly guess few answers when my answer paper was taken right away after the announcement.

I don't think my writing was good enough since I had 'I need to pee. I need to go to the toilet please' in my mind. It was so cold and we were not given time-break at all. The speaking test, I think I did quite well since the interviewer asked questions related to seeking for a job which is so me.

Talking about seeking for a job, I bought this book when I was killing my time to wait for speaking test. 'The Lazy Girl's Guide to Success' by Anita Naik. I'm still reading it, but it simply boost my spirit to find a job, and get a life! So I determine to get a part-time job nearby. Why? well actually, I cannot have a permanent job until the end of May.. because I'm going for holiday yahooo! Where? I'll give you a hint. soon. bye.

With love,

Sunday, 27 February 2011

English class at British Council.

Hello everyone!
I finally get up from my comfort zone, sitting on the couch, eating snacks and watching TV all day yayy. I enjoyed this two weeks so much that I hope it never ends. But yea, it's over.

Ok back to square one. Let's talk about my class. I was in upper-intermediate class, which I thought I might get problem to cope with the high level of english in that class, but I was wrong. The class consisted of 22 students from Iran, Libya, Russia, the Maldives, Kryzystan I don't know how to spell, Korea and Malaysia, and I was the only malay girl in that class. They were all awesome and nice people. My new friends and I even had lunch together and walked around at KLCC twice.

So, Kevin *the teacher* remembered my name right away. He teased me a lot about the statement I've made during class. 'I take shower for at least half an hour everyday'. He called me a geologist expert when I explained in detail about how are tsunamis created. I explained about the tectonic plate movement, convergence and divergence, highest waves near the shore, then everyone started clapping and praising LOL

I've meet new friends including her, Nagres from Iran. She's been staying here for almost 6 months now. She's so pretty and always like to pitch my cheeks i don't even know why.

And this is Ji Eun from Korea. she's at her 40's but doesn't look like one, aite? She knows that I learn Korean Language and asked me to read her hangeul writing and as a gift, i got korean chocolate pie from her. hehee

On the last day, she gave me this children book as present. She's so nice, aite?

We've planned to eat korean foods at Hartamas on the last day, but something came up, I couldn't join them. *Honestly, I made an excuse. I'm afraid I don't think there have any halal korean foods restaurant at that area. She asked me to try soju even after I explained about why I don't drink alcohol. There was another cute Korean guy in that class, James or his korean name, Chung Yoon. but I got no chance to talk to him since he came to the class only twice.

Well, I've mentioned about one super cute Iranian guy. I was like omigosh, I couldn't take my eyes of him when I first joined the class. Such a beautiful creature, ok metaphor. He has a great long wavy hair and I super like it. I usually sat opposite to him so that I can see him clearly, well not very clearly because I don't wear my spectacles all the time. I had a chance to talk to him once, no. twice. only twice. first time, when Kevin asked him to be my partner for speaking session, second time, when he sat next to me the whole day, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. But because I was so scared to ask to take his picture, I can only take these.

His bag.

And his books. Ahh poor me!

However, I'm glad I joined this class because I get to know a lot of great people, make new foreign friends. Well, most of them come to Malaysia because they just want to learn English, without have to think about work or money problem, so I assume most of them are rich people. Ohh so lucky!

Jalan TAR for shopping.

Because Kak Layla suddenly interested with my baju kurung cotton and shawl collections, and since she will come back to Malaysia for good in June, and the fact that she has only 2-3 baju kurung to wear, so we *my sis, my mom and me* went to Jalan TAR and she bought tonnes. And again, Aina and Aliff were left at home. poor kiddos.
Kak Layla was counting money left.
Mom was tired.. and hungry.
And look at my oily face. euuwwww. i dont care.

What I want to highlight is.... this.
I ate this super fattening macaroni and cheese. and again, I don't care.
Liar, i feel bad. I'm so sorry my body.

btw, let's check out how were the kiddos doing at home?
hmm.. not really in good mood.
ok. not at all.
at least Arif tried to make 'peace'.
but i guess since they were together, they still can put a smile on their face. WORLD PEACE AUNTY YAN!

Friday, 25 February 2011

A day at Mandy Villa.

My days were great this week. My sister has come from the UK with her husband and children, Aina and Ariff. Last weekend we went to our former house at Mandy Villa Segambut where my brother is staying now. However, Aina and Ariff couldn't us that day. But Alya and Alif had fun swimming at the pool.

Or not.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Drama reviews

Since I got so much time to kill, these are the K-dramas that I've watched since November 2010.(excluded dramas that I watched on KBSWorld)

1. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Note: I give this drama 7.5 out of 10. It is an interesting fantasy love drama between human and a gumiho. I simply fall in love with incredibly handsome Dongjoo, a gumiho's hunter.

2. Playful Kiss
Note: Adapted from manga's Itazura na Kiss, this is a story about a high school girl who is in the bottom of her class has had a crush on popular and genius male student. I've watched Japanese and Taiwanese versions, but I never get sick with this version. so I give 8 over 10.

3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Note: This drama protraited in the late Joseon era during the reign of King Jeongjo. A girl enters school and disguised as a boy in her desperation to support her family, and then fall in love. My favourite character is the playboy Goo Yong Ha. I give 8 over 10.

4. Coffee House
Note: Although I think Coffee House comes with a refreshing story, I think this drama has an unexpected ending. But I give 6.5 over 10, the kind of drama that you will enjoy to watch, but only once.

5. Secret Garden
Note: A famous drama with beautiful plots, it is a love story between super rich guy and stuntwoman, a twist of intrigue took place in the plot when both of them switched souls when they woke up one morning. I admire the beautiful scenes, no matter how much I anticipated for this drama, I'm sorry, I can only give 7.5 out of 10. The houses are totally cool. And my favourite character is Director Im :)

6. Prosecutor Princess
Note: I totally recommend this drama. It is a must-watch drama, seriously. The scripts run fast, dynamic, mysterious and never boring. I watched continuously up until 7 in the morning, for 2 days. And I think I'm gonna watch it again tonight ;) So, I give 10 out of 10!!

* * * *

my next drama is PASTA. and I can't wait to watch No Minwoo with long hair!!

Preparation for IELTS.

Hello everyone! Quite a long hiatus.. I've been busy this whole week until the end of this month. Why? well, I'm attending English class at British Council as preparation for IELTS exam. This 2-week class started on Feb 8 and will end on Feb 23, and my upcoming IELTS exam is on Feb 26. Yes, It's time for me to make a move y'all!

Btw, if you're planning to take the IELTS exam in the future, read this.

1. The first thing you need to do is, you have to decide whether you need to attend the class or not. well, if you're not confident and PEMALAS like me, my advice is.. just join the class.

2. To attend the class, you need to take Placement Test. During speaking test, the teacher will decide on your English level; Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advance level. This placement test costs you RM100.

3. Then you can check on the class schedule to decide when you would like to study. The class is limited, so you have to decide and register quickly. This 2-week class costs you RM850 (full-time).

4. For IELTS exam, again you need to check the exam timetable and plan properly. You have to ask person at the counter about the closing date and register a.s.a.p or else, you have to wait for the next coming exam. IELTS exam costs you RM570.

So, that's all for now. For further information, you can ask me or visit their website.

Well, I don't have any plan, yet. This exam result is valid for only 2 years. So, let's see what's gonna happen next. Cheers~!! :)

P.s. I'll update you about the class, classmates and my super cute Iranian crush! Yes I repeat. Iranian not Korean LOL. Later. ;p

Saturday, 5 February 2011

oh not again!

Heyh, guess what is this? Hint: it's not a pearl LOL :p
It's actually a piece of my teeth! Eeuww.. haha i know. My teeth broke off this morning when I was eating keropok lekor while talking to my sis in US on the phone!

We discussed about the latest style of hijab, pashmina, and Hana Tajima, then suddenly KRUKK! I knew right away my rotten teeth that caused me in pain last 2 months broke off half a side, finally.

It's annoying because it's sharp and keeps rubbing against my cheek. Huh.. Another appointment with dentist. sigh.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The interviews.

It's been 3 months since I graduated from UiTM. I was kinda sorting myself, my heart, my mind, thought about what I'm gonna do next, to further my studies or to get a job. Decision has been made, get a job is priority.

My very first interview was with Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn Bhd, my former employer during industrial training. I found out that they were looking for new staffs via ConvoJobShop under UiTM. So Fila, Wanie and I tried out. We also met Fahmi, Pijol, and Aimi during the interview session. I knew their working environment since I've been trained there for 2 months, so I actually not really interested to work with them. Well, the result from my first interview, I failed. I was mentioned that they actually looking for men staff only. Too bad, huh? no, this is discrimination!

My second interview with UEM Land. For fresh graduates, they offered to be their trainers under Young Executive Scheme (YES). Unfortunately, the training contract is actually for 1 year with allowance RM1200 per month and based at Cyberjaya. Yes, too far. So the result, failed.

Filla, Aimi, Wanie and me went to UEM, and ate at Steak House, Serdang ;)

My latest interview was with Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd based at Kajang, about 1 hour from my home. I applied for an assistant lecturer position at their college KLIUC, but they offered me a position of civil engineer. But this time, I screwed up myself. They asked me about Structure Analysis, the subject i learned 2 years ago with Dr. Azmi, and I seriously hated that class. The question was 'what is the difference between Stiffness method and Flexibility method', and my answer was, 'I can't remember'. Nice. Most of the questions they asked ended up with my simple answer 'I can't remember'. So again, I failed.

But although I failed, I never regret I went for the interviews. I gain experiences through it and I learn so many things about myself. One, I didn't make any preparation before the interviews. Padan muka. Two, I realize that I talked almost 100% only the truth during interviews. I told them I want to further my master studies for the next intake in September. So, which company wants to take this only-want-to-be-a-temporary-engineer as their staff, huh?

fyi. my very first outing wearing scarf tehee ;)

So, I'm learning to tell white lies for this time being. My 3rd brother acts as the interviewer, my 2nd brother as my advisor on which company is good which not, my sister-in-law in Holland checked the quality of my resume, the others are the supporters.. and bankers ;)

With love,

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Without you. A tribute.

I don't even know why I'm so in the mood of piano pieces lately. When I was listening to it from my playlist, I heard Yoshiki Hayashi's Without You, and my heart felt heavy..

I discovered about X-Japan through this video about 5 years ago. How sad, it was actually a video report on one member of X-japan's death, Hide. I might understand only 2 or 3 sentences back then but as I watched this, it brought tears to my eyes, nonstop. And I realized it was too late.

"In 1998, the world of Japanese music lost one of it's brightest and most influential musicians. Former X Japan lead guitarist Hideto Matsumoto known as "Hide" was found dead in his apartment by suicide. He was found with a towel around his neck tied to the bathroom door having apparently hung himself. Hide was reportedly drunk at the time, but it still does not give any clue as to why he killed himself. It is quite true that Hide's death had a huge effect. 50,000 fans reportedly showed up for the funeral, stretching a kilometer from the temple. 12,000 actually attended the wake. 26 people were hospitalized as many fans fainted and a few others attempted to commit suicide. After the wake, two people died by suicide." Tragic.

He wrote this after Hide passed away. Without You is a tribute to Hide by the leader of X-japan, Yoshiki Hayashi (my most favourite pianist). R.I.P


It's nice listening to this song while enjoying the view of sunset from my room.

The way he moves along with the tunes he creates, one can tell that his heart beats at a tempo, his blood is of musical notes, and his hands were trained specifically to play.
Energy Flow by Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of my favourite pianist.