Monday, 3 January 2011

i adore him!

In the last few posts I've made a promise to myself not to get involve in K-pop, but the truth is,
I can't I can't I CAN'T!!!

I've tried, I've stopped reading K-pop news unless very important, but ended up downloading 2 months abundant K-pop songs. I've watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho last few days, and I have my eyes on this guy. No Minwoo, my current obsession!
이것 봐.. 세상에!! 내가 그를 사랑 멈출 수 없어. 노민우. 너. 정말로 나를 미치게 해! 정말.
*Sorry I use hangeul when I'm fangirling, to avoid someone throw out =)*

I have this as my background lappie. gyaaaaaaaa~
This is him during TRAX, known as Rose on stage.

awesome performance *plus sexy overload!* is a must watch, but WARNING! 18SX only LOL

He played drum, piano, guitar and also a backup vocalist. Yes, he can sing! You can download it here. No Minwoo-Trap I can't stop listen to it over and over again, from my lappie, in my car, my iPod. It's a great song! He is indeed a rose :)

Ok the end! *muntah skang*

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