Friday, 10 December 2010


Toothache! >.<
it has been 3 days! I can't sleep well. I went to see the dentist and asked whether I should get my teeth pulled out and I'm willing to sacrifice, because it is way too painful!

But since it has been affected by decay, then he suggested to make
a new filling to replace the old one, which I did and it cost me RM60. cheap,huh? But then again, as root canal sounded twice as scary, he suggested me to do it if the pain still persists.. and it will cost me RM500!


* * * * *

things that I've to avoid now..



Sca Ndx said...

pakai lah sensoyed. (betul ke tak eja ni)

masshie mastura said...

pain killer? u mean morphine ke.
cz tu pain killer palingg mantop pnye. keh3.
btw i pn tgh cakit gigi skrg sbb gigi baby baru nk tumbuh. hehe:P

AYApunyaCINTA said...

sensodyne.. pn xdpt membantu rse sengal2 gigi ni. *sigh*

mastura: morphine plg bgus ke? should try that after this. hehee gigi baby nak tumbuh sgt skt kannn ;p

Fred Collinsworth said...

Sounds like a pretty tough situation. When you encounter toothaches, one gets the desire to get it fixed to stop all the discomfort in a jiffy. Well, let this event be an incentive to take extra care of your teeth some more!

Fred Collinsworth