Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hye! It's me again, celebrated Cristmas Eve in Singapore this time around! yea, rite. hahaa My sister-in-law and me actually went to Singapore for 5 days, and everything is paid, by her. Yikes! So we actually stayed at Continental Hotel, very close to Orchard Road and the shopping complexes!

Since this was my first visit to Singapore, in the mood of a tourist, we took Hope Off Hope On Tour bus as soon as we arrived, and planned on where we want to go shopping for the next days.
So, on the next day, we went to Sentosa and see Merlion, the symbolic of Singapore! We went on top and see mostly construction views. They actually constructing Universal Studio at that time. So, auww. We then entered the museum, most likely same as our Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, but still enjoyed it tho since I never been to any museum in Kuala Lumpur, sorry! hehe During night, we rode on a cruise, and see the night view of Singapore!
As for the next day, we went to Night Safari and see the live lions, tigers, bears and so many wild animals. They also put a show of tigers and snakes to entertain us.
The next day, we spent our time, went to Little India, bought some souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia.

And my favourite part was, we walked along the Orchard Road and did shopping! That was the main reason why we really wanna visit Singapore. Year End Sale in Singapore is too awesome to resist! Kak Aznim bought a pair of work suits for me to wear for my first day of training, and 4 meters of super lovely design of kain ela! I bought a limited edition of Crocs for myself, and many more!

We enjoyed our staying there, and hopefully I can have a chance to visit SIngapore for next Christmas!
That's all for now, thanks for reading, peeps!

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