Sunday, 12 December 2010

FIRST LOVE, is that so hard to find?

Frankly, I never have a boyfriend. Not even once. Not at all! I have always been comfortable being single and hangout with boy friends and not the type that can't live without a boyfriend.

I agree, I am easily fall in love, but I always put a wall in front of me, so that I will not fall in love deeply with men. Later then if he turned me down, I can still move on.

I, of course, would love to fall in love with a wonderful guy but I just don't think it's going to happen.

The criteria of my Mr Right; Brain-Looks-Money. But I know I will never get one. So I rather call it as Mr Too-Perfect.

Mr Even; ok this might sounds weird, i love guys with pretty hands. Feels like I want to hold his hands all the time! ok sounds pervert tho. Well, if he can play any music instruments, double bonus then! PLUS, single eyelids a.k.a mata sepet, TRIPLE BONUS!

But now I'm just being realistic. As now I'm getting more matured, I don't care about all those things when I fall in love. brain, looks, money, pretty hands etc, because I love him for being himself. That is my Mr Right.

But then I realize, instead of waiting another year for Mr Right, I should start working at becoming Ms Right instead. Work at making myself more approachable, genuine and accepting. I've got to be able to support myself, wise, playful and relaxed! In short, be all I want Mr Right to be.


So, I am responsible and ready for a big change in my life. Trust me, BIG CHANGE. Guess what? LOL better wait and see!

P.s. oh Once I found my FIRST LOVE, he is the one that I'll get married with ;)

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