Friday, 24 December 2010

No longer a fanatic kpop lover?

Well. True. I though I'd be a lot of things at age 20s, but never was it in my wildest dream to be a fangirl. I was completely head over heels for Kpop. It started in year 2007 when I was so into BigBang and Wonder Girls. And it grew bigger and bigger with 2PM and Super Junior.

I've listened to no other except kpop's songs. Seriously. I've downloaded, never missed any new song, MV, live performance from my favourite idols. I've bought their albums from Korea, to show my love and support. I went to their concerts, fan meetings, even stalked them at the hotel and airport! Yes, I did all these stuffs. At this age.
Check it here for my fan accounts.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I had already gone too deep into Kpop fandom. It has been 4 years. New idols, new songs, new MVs. I think I had enough of these stuffs. But, I will forever adore, cheer and updating myself with these 2 idol groups;
  • 2PM
  • Super Junior especially my heartthrob SJ's Kim Heechul ;)

But I have my life to live on. Dreams to achieve. So, right now, right here, I want to announce that, I am Aya, no longer a fanatic Kpop fan. But I'm proud to be a sunbae (means "senior" in Korean) and one of the-first-get-to-know-kpop-world-yearite. I will miss all the fun being a fangirl.

With love,



Betol ke kau dah stop being a k-pop lover? hahah.. ke sbb tiada lelaki..hahhaa LOL!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hahaaa salah satu sbb jugak! pelu lar mention kat sini kau haahaa. btw ak tak bleh hidup tanpa kpop. no doubt.