Wednesday, 15 December 2010

in dilemma.

I cannot think. Wisely. My life at this moment is totally horrible. I have four choices to decide for my future, but there are pros and cons. And I have to decide within this week. The registration for Master studies by coursework in UiTM is next week. Arghhhhh!

ONE: I should do whatever it takes to apply Master and PhD overseas, just like what faculty asked me to do. That means, I shouldn't register my Master in UiTM, but focus on applying overseas, sit for the IELTS/TOEFL exam and work! But well, if only I got the place. Totally insecure.

TWO: I should register for Master studies here in UiTM, but change the mode of study by RESEARCH. So that it is easier to get scholarship either TPM or SKS. That means, instead of 1.5 years for coursework, it is gonna takes 2 years to complete for research. And possibility of my head will explode with all research thingy! OMG. Research is hard.

THREE: I should just start looking for a job, and do part-time Master studies. The thing is, I still don't have a job to cover my tuition fees. And I don't think I can do well when I am busy with work and study at the same time.

FOUR: Forget about application overseas and in UiTM. Forget about becoming a lecturer. I should find a job, and then later will try again to apply. Next time. After I've get married. Maybe. In future. I don't know. I give up.

* * * *

P.s. btw, I have found this link click here and click here related to the offer, and emailed to our beloved Dato' VC this time. And also complained about no-scholarship-for-Master-by-coursework's-students. Wish me GOOD LUCK! ;)


masshie mastura said...

dear :)

i lyke ur blog song. comeyy. xprnh dgr pun. hehe.

btw about my shawl eh? some of it i jual tp i xjual on9, mls nk pos keh3:P

u shud search kt jln tar. mostly my shawl jln tar pnye jename hehe..

n sometymes i buy kat t.s. owhowh kt situ pun sumpahh lawa :)

AYApunyaCINTA said...

xpenah dgr? ptt dgr, sgt beshh hehe

ohh u sell it? pleash3 if ade yg chomey2 jual dkt i! i seriously adore ur tudungs. chomeyl2 sumenye hehe. *cough* i actually bakal pkai tudung, sbb tu sebok2 cari *cough*

t.s. ok2 i'll go n find it, like tmrw! tx masshie! ;)

sue. said...

good luck darling....

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hi sue, tx dear! xoxo ;)