Sunday, 5 December 2010

Headache! Master studies related


I went to meet our Deputy Dean Dr. Fozi regarding the offer to pursue my Master overseas. Turned up that I need to apply it by myself, and once I got the place, he asked me to see him. I repeat, ONCE I GOT THE PLACE!

I was like omigosh.. WTH with this?! The other day, he told me that the faculty will do the details. Now.. urghhh. I'm doomed! It's not that I want to give up now, but, frankly it's not that easy to get the place, just like that. it's Oxford you know! Harvard, Yale, Cambrige, MIT!

Then yesterday, my uncle, also a staff at UiTM encouraged me to ask our VC, Dato' Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Abu Bakar related to my application. And I did.

*it sounds quite silly i know..*

then I got a few helping feedbacks, a comment from Dato VC himself *not a very good one* and from this @#$%^& guy. *i really wanna type F word here!*
OMG comment from this freaking guy! totally pissed me off! what do you know about it?!! back off, u r not helping. AT ALL!!

Then I explained.. everything.
For my second comment, I've got 4 likes. And I feel relief. It feels like I was debating.. and won. Yikes!

Then Dato VC once again commented.

Finally I've got his attention and he asked me to meet him! This is EPICCCCCCCCC!


dieya said...

way to go girl! i'm so proud of you for being so brave! you made a difference. you made yourself noticed, in a very good way.

and i applaud how you responded to that jay guy. you did it with much grace. kudos dear! now he should be ashamed of himself ;-)

you have all the right attitudes to succeed. i'm sure you'll do well in your post-grad!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

omigosh thank you sooo much for your compliment. i was first like, i did the right thing, aite? but now i gain my confidence level and got the spirit "LET'S DO IT!!" hahaa

thanks again! ;)

john n amal said...

yeah!! you go aya!!! later then update kat blog @ fb bila da jumpa dato' k! :))

p/s: owhh..nak g jugak. tapi xboleh!! wuwuwu (T.T)
p/s: sengal jek yg jay ahmad tu kan.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

amal, thanks! ntah ble nk buat appointment ngan dato VC ntah. cam cuak pn ade hehe.

P.s. jom la kte g same2 amal ;)
P.s. sgt sengal yg amat. rse nk siat2 bdn die tros dan2 tu. sabar je la huhu

john n amal said...

hikhik. kalau g sme2 jmpe dato, meaning amal kne further overseas jgkla. hohoho ;P owh. kira aya xsmbg master cnila yek?? kakak amal ckp, aya g la amek test ielts dlu :)