Monday, 20 December 2010

Girl's handbag : What's inside?

When I was looking for thumbdrive inside my handbag, I couldn't find it. Because it was way too semak inside!

These are particularly from my handbag. Ohh should change the entry. 'Aya's handbag : What's inside?'. But heyh, I think most of us girls have the same items inside, aite? Ohh please. You cannot lie to me ;)

So guys, have you ever wonder what's inside girls' handbag? Well, check this out.

These are the stuffs that I've bring along everywhere.
Coach | clutch
Daisy by Marc Jacob | perfume
Victoria's Secret | lotion and mascara
Bobbi Brown | Compact Powder
2 in it | eyeliner
Secret | blusher and lipstick
The Body Shop | lipbalm and concealer
Nivea | lipbalm

Other stuffs: Iphone, camera, car key, thumbdrive, pen, comb, pocket tissue, wet tissue, hand sanitizer

"Such a huge handbag!". Don't ever mention about it again. Well, I don't really do makeup. Compact powder, eyeliner and lipbalm, and hmm.. done!

P.s. Other things like shades, spectacles etc are inside my car. Just in case.

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