Friday, 24 December 2010

AGE is only a number, really?

Here is the situation. A girl A was sulking when guy B offered girl C to buy cake for C's birthday. A said, "During my birthday, I've bought cake on my own.." Then B said, "You're old enough to buy it on your own. She's younger."

OK. Listen. Just because she's older slightly a year (not even a year, roughly 7 months?) than him, doesn't mean that the guy should treat her that way (especially if he's her crush. Big blow!). No woman wants to be reminded too often of her age and it doesn't really matter anyway (ok lie. pfftt!). So guys, for god sake, please don't!

P.s. Well, that A girl obviously me! omg. Do i really look old for my age?? *cryingggg*

ok boleh sepak saya skang! *piunggg!*

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