Friday, 19 November 2010

A car accident!

I've got into a car accident today. I reached home at 5.30 p.m. and parked the car in front of my house. Since I've blocked my neighbour's house, I thought that I should move forward a lil bit.

Super silly mistake I know, I totally forgot that the road is steep, I didn't even get into the car, the door was opened, I've pulled down the handbreak and 'N' it.
That was the moment when I've been dragged with my two hands holding the sterring, tried to pulled up the handbreak and 'P' it, and I did, but it was still moving down the hill for about 200m, and crackk, dushhh!

The car stopped. I felt my legs hit the big industrial bin at the side of the road. And crap. A Nissan Sunny in front of mine got hit too. I didn't move or do anything, my hands were trembling. I was speechless. and I sat. on the road. The owner of the car, a contractor, came to me and said something, but I heard nothing.

After a few seconds, I realized and touched my legs. thank god, nothing happened except small injured on my feet and bruises on my legs. It was hurt but I didn't cry. I walked back to my house and told my mum. My brother who just got back from work, he settled it with that guy. my dad was nowhere to be found *He was eating* Nothing was in my mind except, how much it will cost me to repair both cars.

And shoot. It cost me rm970. Almost a thousand. Great! *I'm so sorry mum. Your daughter is jobless, I'll pay you back once I got a job tehee* Both cars at the workshop right now and I only can get it back on Sunday.
How do I feel now? I feel tired, and dizzy and lost appetite. I'm in trauma.

P.s. I was very lucky, kaki tak patah, tong tak timpa kereta or myself, langgar kereta orang instead of jatuh gaung, tak langgar kereta BMW kat tepi jln, tak langgar orang! Alhamdulillah..

With love,


john n amal said...

omg!! naseb baek aya okey & luckily x hit kete BMW tepi jalan tu. kalau x, lagi mahal kne bayar. hehehe.

better aya rehat & cool downkan trauma tu, kalau x nanti bila A-team nak jalan2, aya xleh jadi driver. hehehe ;)

get well soon dear!

dieya said...

owh dear, alhamdulillah u r okay! take care ya.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

amal: sgt pandai plak wira aya pilih nk langgar kete buruk instead of BMW btol2 dpn mate.

tu la 1st thing aya pk mse tu, if kaki patah xdpt jln2 ngn korg da hehe

thanks dieya! i was lucky i guess :)