Sunday, 28 November 2010

2PM's The Structure Of Breaking Up

I watched The Structure of Breaking Up performance during MAMA Award last night. It was totally mind blowing! I personally think that this medley version was their best performance. Ever. Congrats for the winnings boys!

P.s. omg i'm so sorry for THIS!! this is so irrelevant! is that necessary for all copyright thingy?!

Again and Again by 2PM Chansung – Longing
Again and again and again and again
What kind of medicine are you?
That I can’t give it up
Secretly I keep missing you and eventually look for you again
Though I know you’re a bad girl, I embrace you and love you again
Obviously I want to go back to you
Knowing all the pains of tomorrow, I can’t turn around,
I can’t decide.

I Hate You by 2PM Junho – Sadness
Acknowledge my heart once more
Accept these tears that are for you
Not even expecting love,
The ended story, the past story
I hate you.

Without U by 2PM Wooyoung – Anger
Why did you do this to me, why?
Why did you do this to me, make me cry?
Was it worth it to throw away everything we had?
Was it really worth it?
The time we spent together
And the time we could have spent together
Don’t you regret it?
Doesn’t it matter to you?
Right now you, are you OK without me?

Tired of Waiting by 2PM Junsu – Loneliness
Going insane while waiting for you
And each day feels like a year
Oh I-I-I-I-I Am really going insane
Really going insane..

Only You by 2PM Taecyeon – Memory
Only you
I tried to forget you but, no matter how hard I tried,
I keep finding myself looking for you
And even until now, I keep remembering that bright smile
Isn’t it pitiful, how did it come to be this way
I’m unable to quite forget everything altogether
The empty stop that can only be filled by you.

Heartbeat by 2PM Nickhun – Feeling lost
I have to forget
I have to forget in order to live
I have to erase it
If I don’t, I’ll die
Stop trying get her back, she ain’t coming
She’s gone, gotta be moving on
She doesn’t think of you
Listen to my heartbeat
I think of you everytime my heart beats..

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