Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Aunty Yan's favourites!

messy kiddos on Hari Raya Korban ;)

darlingness Alya Safiyah, Alif Safwan and Amar Danish.

Places to remember..

These pictures were taken on my last day at the faculty.. Damn miss it. so bad.

And my room, after exam. Tongkang pecah! haha

Sunday, 28 November 2010

2PM's The Structure Of Breaking Up

I watched The Structure of Breaking Up performance during MAMA Award last night. It was totally mind blowing! I personally think that this medley version was their best performance. Ever. Congrats for the winnings boys!

P.s. omg i'm so sorry for THIS!! this is so irrelevant! is that necessary for all copyright thingy?!

Again and Again by 2PM Chansung – Longing
Again and again and again and again
What kind of medicine are you?
That I can’t give it up
Secretly I keep missing you and eventually look for you again
Though I know you’re a bad girl, I embrace you and love you again
Obviously I want to go back to you
Knowing all the pains of tomorrow, I can’t turn around,
I can’t decide.

I Hate You by 2PM Junho – Sadness
Acknowledge my heart once more
Accept these tears that are for you
Not even expecting love,
The ended story, the past story
I hate you.

Without U by 2PM Wooyoung – Anger
Why did you do this to me, why?
Why did you do this to me, make me cry?
Was it worth it to throw away everything we had?
Was it really worth it?
The time we spent together
And the time we could have spent together
Don’t you regret it?
Doesn’t it matter to you?
Right now you, are you OK without me?

Tired of Waiting by 2PM Junsu – Loneliness
Going insane while waiting for you
And each day feels like a year
Oh I-I-I-I-I Am really going insane
Really going insane..

Only You by 2PM Taecyeon – Memory
Only you
I tried to forget you but, no matter how hard I tried,
I keep finding myself looking for you
And even until now, I keep remembering that bright smile
Isn’t it pitiful, how did it come to be this way
I’m unable to quite forget everything altogether
The empty stop that can only be filled by you.

Heartbeat by 2PM Nickhun – Feeling lost
I have to forget
I have to forget in order to live
I have to erase it
If I don’t, I’ll die
Stop trying get her back, she ain’t coming
She’s gone, gotta be moving on
She doesn’t think of you
Listen to my heartbeat
I think of you everytime my heart beats..

Saturday, 27 November 2010

my love confession

Well before we've got separated the other day, I've made a love confession. I knew nothing's gonna happen between us, but I just wanna let him know my true feelings. So I confessed. and I felt relief.

I love the fact that we are 'teman tapi mesra' now. But I love how scandalous we used to be. I really love that moment.

As time flies by, I still can't get him out of my head no matter how much I've tried to. I remembered his words that night, "You can find someone else better than me.." well, I know I can. But you know what. At this moment, I only like you. Cause you're amazing, just the way you are ;)


P.s. I've been trying to find piano tutorial for this song. Like A Star from Corinne Bailey Rae. But how sad, I couldn't find one.

How to get over a crush

  1. Maintain some type of distance.
  2. Spend time with the person.Which you will see their negative qualities, which will be beyond what you can bear if you're not meant to be.
  3. Look at them closely. Find the physical flaws. And then think... "He's not that hot! What am I thinking?!"
  4. Stop fantasizing about them! They aren't important. They don't define who you are, that's your job.
  5. Remember that this person is not the end of the world. Someone else may feel the way you do about YOU. Just remember that its a crush--no matter how strong.
  6. Focus on the trait of theirs that is your least favorite. That means, if he is so perverted and you don't like it, or if he is self-centered and you can't stand it, focus. It will allow you to see him as what he is, as well as get you over him.
  7. When you start remembering a good time you had with your crush, convince yourself it wasn't all that great by remembering a much better time you experienced with someone else.
  8. Ask yourself a reason why you want to get over it. Are you in another relationship? If so, it's easier to prioritize if you think it through.
  9. Try to minimize contact with your crush.
  10. Focus on your other interests.
  11. Go to the gym and workout. Get your mind off of it and feel better about yourself.
  12. Find comic relief. See the humorous side to things, read comic books or deep thoughts before you go to bed.
  13. Make an exciting change to make yourself feel sexy. Treat your self to a hair-cut, or a new outfit. Make yourself feel confident.
  14. Cross out or erase his/her name anywhere you might have written it (e.g your notebook, your textbook, the wall of your bedroom, etc.)
  15. Avoid all eye contact with them and try not to look longingly at his nose. You'll be more likely to get over the crush if you aren't always staring at him.
  16. Act a bit more unpleasant around them than your usual temperament. They may act unpleasant back and won't seem as attractive to you, but be warned, you may lose out on a relationship with another person if you are too mean.
  17. You know you will see this person again. They are your best friend and you don't want to lose them. Try to limit your time with them and start spending time with other people. Start dating and don't feel obligated to your best friend, they're not dating you.
  18. Learn from the experience and come out stronger.
  19. Accept! Always remember that the toughest part will be to observe your best friend be normal around you while you could struggle to do so.
  20. Try falling out of love/lust. Make lists of all the things that go against being attracted to him - love is blind, try to voluntarily open your eyes.
  21. Don't let them see how upset you are. If they know, it'll only make them feel bad and they might start avoiding you. Act like nothing happened.
  22. Consider the possibility of letting them see you with someone else. Act nicely. Sometimes people don't realize what they could have had until the opportunity is gone. If they don't start liking you back at this point, it's really time to stop crushing on them and meet new people.
  23. Remember that if they liked you but changed their minds at the last minute, you shouldn't get angry or blame things on them. Your friendship should be strong enough to not let something like that keep a good thing down.
  24. Accept it. Whether your window of opportunity came and went, or they're just not into you, acknowledge the reality of the situation. Tell yourself the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  25. Move on. Make a promise to yourself to get over it.
  26. Reassure yourself. Look in the mirror every morning, smile, and tell yourself, "You're worth it." Really mean it. You didn't do anything wrong, and right now there's someone else out there for you.
  27. Maintain your decision. If you find yourself slipping, remember the promise you made to yourself.
  28. Associate. If and when you catch yourself thinking about your crush, pick out something about them that you dislike, and focus on it.
  29. Distract yourself. Go out with your friends and have fun. Meet new people. Keep yourself busy and happy.
  30. Take care of yourself. Keep well-groomed and put on your best clothes. It will do wonders for your self-esteem.
  31. Find someone else.
  32. Live life. You're a great person and he was a fool not to see that.
  33. Get it out. A good cry always helps. just let your feelings pour out and before you know it. He will be just a thing of the past.
"Let go, set him free, set your self free, and move on. If he is really meant for you, time will tell and your paths will meet again."

thanks to wikihow for the tips!

Friday, 26 November 2010


Sometimes being independent is tiring.
I need someone to rely on...

Friday, 19 November 2010

A car accident!

I've got into a car accident today. I reached home at 5.30 p.m. and parked the car in front of my house. Since I've blocked my neighbour's house, I thought that I should move forward a lil bit.

Super silly mistake I know, I totally forgot that the road is steep, I didn't even get into the car, the door was opened, I've pulled down the handbreak and 'N' it.
That was the moment when I've been dragged with my two hands holding the sterring, tried to pulled up the handbreak and 'P' it, and I did, but it was still moving down the hill for about 200m, and crackk, dushhh!

The car stopped. I felt my legs hit the big industrial bin at the side of the road. And crap. A Nissan Sunny in front of mine got hit too. I didn't move or do anything, my hands were trembling. I was speechless. and I sat. on the road. The owner of the car, a contractor, came to me and said something, but I heard nothing.

After a few seconds, I realized and touched my legs. thank god, nothing happened except small injured on my feet and bruises on my legs. It was hurt but I didn't cry. I walked back to my house and told my mum. My brother who just got back from work, he settled it with that guy. my dad was nowhere to be found *He was eating* Nothing was in my mind except, how much it will cost me to repair both cars.

And shoot. It cost me rm970. Almost a thousand. Great! *I'm so sorry mum. Your daughter is jobless, I'll pay you back once I got a job tehee* Both cars at the workshop right now and I only can get it back on Sunday.
How do I feel now? I feel tired, and dizzy and lost appetite. I'm in trauma.

P.s. I was very lucky, kaki tak patah, tong tak timpa kereta or myself, langgar kereta orang instead of jatuh gaung, tak langgar kereta BMW kat tepi jln, tak langgar orang! Alhamdulillah..

With love,

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A-Team in memories..

So finally I'm done as a student. College life was wonderful. Group ECB8A was awesome. We called ourselves A-Team ;)

We had hard pressure of assignments especially IDP. But we worked together, and we had fun together. When some work had been finished, we usually went out to celebrate, such as traveling, trekking, movies, singing karaoke and so on. Sometimes, we spent the whole night going out lepak-ing up until Subuh. Haha, what a cheerful college life.

Iceskating and steamboat at Flamming for break fast. The first moment when we became closer between guys and girls >.<

Our activity continued with ECB8A party at Padang Seksyen 9. Everyone was involved and we really had so much fun that night.

Right after party, we get prepared to Broga Hill, to wait for the sunrise. I never have this kind of experience, kinda tiring, but it was awesomeeee to get on the top, TOGETHER!

We went to Ole-ole for bowling. Didn't get great score *me*, but we still had fun together.

This is when we went to Bukit Ampang and see the view of KL during night. Then went to Andalus for shisha *of course the guys* On the same day when Aimi's car got hit and run >.<
This is when we went to Ana's openhouse, Fila's 'engagement' yea rite :) and Solehah's first time visiting KLCC ^^

Our plan to Pangkor before exam was canceled :( due to these reasons: 1. Sakit perut 2. Mak tak bagi 3. Ade orang da bising *alasan Kama* then after exam and IDP presentation, at the very last minute, we decided to go to PD. Truly sorry, Amal was sacrificed due to last minute changes >.<

Thought that's gonna be the end of our activities, but we still can't take the fact that we have to separate with each other. So, we went for karaoke-ing and supper at Kayu Seksyen 7. That was the real the end of our meeting...

My life was filled with their jokes, laughs, loves, sense of caring, trust. Now that I have to leave all of these, I don't know what should I do now. I feel empty.

These are what i personally think about them:
Kama, aya takut nk kawan ngn kama at first sbb aya freehair. tp kama sgt cool! :)
Ana, sgt confident ble present. mmg lyk dpt presenter terbaik ;))
Aimi, pinky pinkish! aya akan igt aimi bwk kete seat ke depan. chomel :)
Zatie, slang London zatie tehee ;)
Kak Imah yg xputus2 ade idea nk ckp ape2 ;)
Amal yg pandai n rajin sgt2! keep it up dear.. ;)
Solehah yg manis. aya suke mate solehah, xyah pkai celak da cantik. hehe ;)
Fila yg paling sengal hahaa tp kau seriously cool. tabik! =)
Wanie yg baik n cantik. body pn cantik, serious xtipu hehehe >.<
Ayie yg noty and sangatttt best ni xdpt describe dgn word! thanks utk advice kau tue :)
Daus.. sweet sangarttt! thanks for everything babeyh! >.<
Sali yang sentiase "ak on jerr" kalo plan g mane2..besh2
Fami yg tukang ajak jln2 "jommmmmm", plan ape2 msti jadi. terbaekk!
Pijol klon farid kamil n photographer yg cool.. ensem jgk :)
Jep yang blurrr nie.. hehe
Najib yg klakar, dengan slang tganu die..
John yg byk bersalah ngn ak.. pencuri belon! tp kau byk tlg ak la. thanks john!
Farah Wahyda yg manje n confident :)
Wan yg baik hati, suke senyum. nti Shinee dtg msia kte g k ;)
Farra, kte akn slalu ade bende nk share especially 2PM >.<
Aida si chomel kecik molek ni..makin tgk makin nk cubit2 hehe
Abon, bwk2 la tido awal sket, berenti rokok.. risau ak tgk hehehe
Izhar suare power bebb, kagum ak! ;)
Hilfi si budak pandai ni. best student time konvo kan? ak igt lg hehe
Avi yg byk dgr n sbr layan karenah aku, byk merungut jgk hehe
Momoi yg sgt confident n laju bercakap :)
Fa yg pendiam n cool ..
Claira yg cantek, n lagi la pendiam!
Azie perempuan yg paling tinggi dalam klas, bak kate amal :)
Ramdam, sorg lagi slang tganu melekat nie, tp sgt confident time present ;)
Mior.. takut awek marah ke? hehe
Linda n Raidah kembar yg sgt low profile.. slalu tukar2 klas, xsmpat berkenalan >.<

I've learned so many things from them including:
1. Blaja ckp menggunakan nama, Aya, Ana, Amal, Aimi etc, not aku kau.
2. bekerjasama menyiapkan IDP, stay kat fac sampai pagi.. sgt rindu time nie..
3. share assignments, share tutorials.
4. Keluar malam balik pagi >.<
5. Sometimes bwk toyol masuk test ramai2 or share jawapan ;)
6. Suke buat last minute plan, tp tetap menjadi :))
7. Personally, my driving skills improved sbb kuat jln :))

But it's all over now. Goodbye Uitm, goodbye Shah Alam.. I'm so gonna miss this place, my lovely frens, my beloved A-Team.. Wish i could go back to the past 2.5years, and get to know you guys earlier. Although it was such a short period, the sweet moments are priceless. I will always miss all of these faces.

* Kama * Ana * Aimi * Zatie * Kak Imah * Amal * Solehah * Fila * Wani * Ayie * Daus * Sali * Fami * Pijol * Jep * Najib * John* Farah * Wan * Farra * Aida * Abon * Iz * Hilfi * Avi * Momoi * Fa * Claire * Azie * Ramdam * Mior * Linda * Raidah *

"As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever..."