Saturday, 9 October 2010

FYP presentation is over!

my effort for 2 semesters as final year student, the final year project presentation is finally over. after a few weeks of restless night, my poster at the very last minute cannot be opened and printed out, *sigh* I now can have beauty sleep. I think I did well during presentation. Relief.

P.s ok liar. I still have major design project to finish up. WAKE UP!

P.s.p.s suddenly missed my old days during ETR presentation. Our very own karaoke centre, THE VOICE, the first karaoke centre. We got highest mark for presentation! hee

the Air Asia's pilots and stewardess wannabe LOL


dieya said...

wow looks so technical ;-)
i haven't been sleeping much for the past few weeks doing all sorts of assignments. can't wait for the semester to be over!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

yea it was..
i just finished my 2nd last presentation today, then just have to wait for final exam and final presentation after that. but for now, i'm free yayy! good luck in finish up all the assignments and also, good luck for your final exam! p(^.^)q