Thursday, 16 September 2010

Taehun and Siwan love my flowers!

the omg-est thing happened!

i gave Siwan the flower i bought for him when i met him at KLCC, since I was stalking him, i know he was holding and playing with my flower all the time. but when he walked into an optical shop, he passed to his codi. And I thought he probably didn't like it. but one video from another stalker at the hotel caught my attention when i saw he was still holding one flower, mine. He likes my flower isn't he?

this is the link for the video. thanks and full credit to Venus @facebook

When i was so happy with my photos of Siwan happily played with my flower, I totally forgot that I gave flower to Taehun until i saw this!

OH! MY! GOD! he was holding and SMELLING my flower and trust me, all the time! I passed it to him before he get into the bus, and he actually can leave it inside together with other gifts but he choose to take it along with him! I wasn't there stalking him but I've checked all his photos at Pavi, i was like omigosh! he still smelling it, and here too, and oh even here. ok honestly, i sprayed Marc Jacobs DAISY on it. and he loves it so much!


Eventhough i bought it for Heechul, but i'm glad i accidentally gave it to you, Taehun. I only bought 2 flowers for 2 guys, and these guys appreciated it, so much. I think I'm the happiest and luckiest stalker for this time around ;)) I wanna scream out of my lungs now! arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

and again, thanks so much Venus and 是不是 @facebook for the lovely photos!

With love,

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