Monday, 13 September 2010

A day of stalking ZE:A!

Arrrghhhhhhhhhh!! Yesterday was awesomeeeeeee idk how to describe. We stalked ZE:A! from Prince Hotel where they were stayed, to KLCC, to Bukit Bintang and to KLIA in one day, omg what did I do, I know!
 It was not gonna turn out that way if GDE kept their promise by proceeding the High5 event that evening. Unfortunately, Kakya called me that morning told me that the High5 session with ZE:A has been cancelled!! I was like oh my god, then I logged on my fb, and read “Dear All, We are sorry to inform you that Dinner Date and High Five Session today has been cancelled. Refund process will be prepared and announced two days later. Sorry for any inconvenient caused.”
I’m like WTF with this last minute cancellation! And there you go, my chance to see them! I was like so disappointed after waiting for days to see my arrogant rapper, Jung Heechul, and Siwan, all 9 members of ZE:A.
After a few discussions at GDE homepage, we came out with a decision, we gonna stalk them this whole day before they go back to Korea. One of the spammer at GDE homepage told us that the flight to Incheon would be at 2325 both by Korean Air and Malaysia Airlines. I called the Prince Hotel and was told that they were still there.
Then we exchanged our phone numbers and decided to go separately looking for them around KL. At 1.30 p.m. we (Me, Kakya, Alia, Baby, Adil and Alia’s friend who came all the way from Kedah just to join High5 session) went to Prince Hotel to get more info but we saw a few fans who were waiting at the lobby. Then I asked one of the guard there, he told me they were still in the room.
The number of fans increased, Chinese, Malay, and also from Thailand. We were waiting up until 4.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., suddenly Siwan and Dongjoon (and bodyguards) came out from the hotel. Omg Siwan looks like a doll and Dongjoon looks like a baby! They took a cab and went nowhere to be found. 
A few minutes later Taehoon (I thought Heechul) then came out alone (with bodyguards of course) and loitering in front of the hotel. I’ve got to shake hand with him and gave a red rose to him that actually belongs to Heechul. Damn it. I’m sorry I’m a new fan of ZE:A I couldn’t recognized my own bias! He then found the bus with more members inside the bus. We missed that moment when they all entered the bus.

Taehoon.. say kimchiiiii >.<
Then we went separately to find them again. We don’t know where to find them, so we went to KLCC just in case we can meet them there. Lucky for us, we saw Siwan then Dongjoon at Taman KLCC!! I was like so excited, I gave Siwan the flower I bought for him and he kept playing with the flower I gave while walking. GLAD!
Siwan was holding the flower i gave him yayyy!
Dongjoon >.<
I took pictures of them and followed them from the back. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stalk you guys until that state. I just want to know where was Heechul.. When Dongjoon walked alone, I went next to him and asked him “Dongjoon, where is Heechul?” he was like “hmm?” He put an I-understand-your-question-I-want-to-answer-it-but-don’t-know-how-to-say-it face.

Then his manager came along and said
“Heechul already go back to Korea” LOL ok fine. After less than 2 hours following them, we lost them and decided to go to BB to see the others.
Baby got Dongjoon's signature. Lucky girl!
A few fans were waiting in front of Marosh Restaurant and Café. They were having foot massage session at upper level and we were all waiting infront of the lift after 1 hour later, Kevin, Hyungshik and Junhyung came out. I hold Hyungshik’s hand yayyy!
Then we all went back to the hotel. We were told that Minwoo and Taehoon already went back to the hotel by themselves. Siwan and Dongjoon too. Meanwhile Kwanghee and my bias Heechul were in the room all day long, sleeping!! I’m like what?? Great. I was like went here and there to see him, but he was actually sleeping in the room. Perfect.
After less than an hour waiting at the lobby, we decided to go to KLIA waiting for them. We arrived at 9.30p.m., bought drinks and sat infront of the departure gate. We saw their luggage and boxes of gift arrived first. GDE’s staffs have made the check-in process on behalf of ZE:A. At 10.45p.m., we saw a group of people walking inside and yes, it was ZE:A.
I waited in front of them and took pictures and got to see Heechul, finally!! OMG he was so damn good looking, adorable, perfect! But my camera went !@#$%^&* when I was so closed to them!
Heechul >.<
When they passed the departure gate, they were all looking and waving at us. Hyungshik make a heart sign.
I went crazy and screamed out loud “Heechul Heechul Heechul I want Heechul I don’t care Heechul saranghae” and they were looking and smiled LOL. I seriously want Heechul to hear that, and glad he did! From upper level, we saw them and started knocking the plastic see-through wall and they kept waving at us. That was the last wave before they took the train to gate C2.
Bye Heechul (-┏)
Bye ZE:A....... (-┏)

P.s. here is the link for full photo album ;)

* * * *

[UPDATED] Taehun and Siwan love my flowers!!

the omg-est thing happened!

i gave Siwan the flower i bought for him when i met him at KLCC, since I was stalking him, i know he was holding and playing with my flower all the time. but when he walked into an optical shop, he passed to his codi. And I thought he probably didn't like it. but one video from another stalker at the hotel caught my attention when i saw he was still holding one flower, mine. He likes my flower isn't he?

this is the link for the video. thanks and full credit to Venus @facebook

When i was so happy with my photos of Siwan happily played with my flower, I totally forgot that I gave flower to Taehun until i saw this!and THISSSSSS!
OH! MY! GOD! he was holding and SMELLING my flower and trust me, all the time! I passed it to him before he get into the bus, and he actually can leave it inside together with other gifts but he choose to take it along with him! I wasn't there stalking him but I've checked all his photos at Pavi, i was like omigosh! he still smelling it, and here too, and oh even here. ok honestly, i sprayed Marc Jacobs DAISY on it. and he loves it so much!see?? ALL THE TIMEEE~

Eventhough i bought it for Heechul, but i'm glad i accidentally gave it to you, Taehun. I only bought 2 flowers for 2 guys, and these guys appreciated it, so much. I think I'm the happiest and luckiest stalker for this time around ;)) I wanna scream out of my lungs now! arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

and again, thanks so much Venus and 是不是 @facebook for the lovely photos!

With love,

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