Thursday, 26 August 2010

Star HEENIM at the sky!!

finally we Petals get Heechul a present for his birthday. this is like the best gift ever!
a STAR!!!
a real star.

crazy us, aite?^^
yes, it sounds pretty crazy idea at first.
we've planned for this fanproject for last few months and finally we've made it!

On the name of HEENIM, i now have a great reason to walk under the dark sky with full of stars. I know one of the star is Heechul, and he's watching me =))

And yes, I'll go and see Heenim with my naked eyes one day. No matter if I look at it using telescope or buy a ticket to the Universe, whichever method, I'll do it!

btw, I'm proud to be a part of the fanproject!
Indeed I'm proud to be a Petal.

Congrats, congrats Petals!

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