Sunday, 27 June 2010

B2ST 'Shock of the New Era' in Malaysia!

I heard that yesterday's showcase was the most horrible showcase ever! Put the blame on Universal Music Malaysia for distributed 2000 passes when KL Live can only accommodate 500 people! with about 40 people fainted at the showcase, bad+rude+pervert security services, the show started late. I almost wanna buy the ticket, thank god I didn't manage to get one. To UMM, thanks for bringing Beast here, but please don't manage any event like this ever again.

What ever happened yesterday, omigosh!! today was a.w.e.s.o.m.e! i get to see them live was unbelievable. We've been waiting *me, Kakya and her siblings and friend* at FCUK entrance since 10 a.m. and seriously, worth it! we managed to line-up infront, and sat on the 3rd roll!

i waved at Moe Nasrul from 8tvnitelive as soon as i saw him standing next to Speedy booth and asked him to get me Beast's poster. He tried, unfortunately he can't get one for me. But he still gave a pose! *Click!*

The fans were freaking cool! As the Beast's songs started, everybody was like singing and dancing to the songs played. And as soon as Beast arrived, everyone *including me* turned crazy, screamed for their oppas!

It seems like all photos that i took when they were facing us didn't came out nicely.. sorry! this is the best I have *their butts and when they were taking off their coats* >.<

The camera was not allowed on the stage during autograph session, but i managed to get this shot! yeyyy >.<

I did say "annyeonghaseyo" to Dong Woon and make an eye-contact with Gi Kwang! omg he was so lovely. He looked right into my eyes *he used blue eyeliner* and he smiled at me widely *melting*

Doo Joon smiled at me. The word "Saranghae" came out from my mouth. He smiled again. Then I took out my board "Beast's Doo Joon Leader, pick me pick me!" in front of him. He was kinda like "awe sweet~" at me and smiled wider. I said "Jinja yeppeoda" out of sudden. Oh seriously I don't know why I said that. Babo me! Thank God he was like "hmmph?" at first, then smiled widest and said "thank you" and winked at me * . *

*Doojoon's smile! My heart skipped a beat*

* * * *

So, this is officially my first korean cd I've bought. It's not Super Junior or 2PM, but it's BEAST! and it signed by themselves! wOoHoOo! But I think I should show more support and will start collecting cds now, not just download it from internet >.<

For DooJoon leader, I hope you'll get my present!=)))
For Beast, thank you for the lovely memory, signatures, the sweet smiles and loves..


a friend of mine found and posted this to me.
*Cinderella me and my shoe left out on Beast's stage*

malu, knape kne ade bukti nie??
credit to:nurfurqan irfan @facebook

With love,

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