Friday, 21 May 2010

my working life

it's been 2 weeks working with Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn. Bhd.

another 6 weeks to go.

i'm undergoing my industrial training under Water Supply division.
other than water supply, they also provide mechanical, geotech, infra, structure, transportation, electrical etc. services.

ironically, i ended up slept 3 times on my very first day! ROFL
what do you expect?
introduced me to the staffs, asked me to read a book and i did. then just let me do nothing.
no PC for 3 days, i was bored to death!

As time flies by, i now can adapt the working environment.
they gave me works. double check on the plan with demand table, design thrust blocks, attend training etc.

but seriously, now i know why people do hate Monday.

P.s. thank God they have tea lady.
P.s.P.s. i'm no longer can watch Music bank, hate it so bad. there's no way i can reach home before 6. *my Super Junior......*

*my seobang on 100521 Music bank=)))*

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