Monday, 31 May 2010

sexual harassment in train!

Goshh I've been sexual harassed in train this morning! And the only thing I did was scold him "gila seks!!". Well at least in front of crowded people. Seriously I didn't realize it was his hand at my.. hmmph. It was actually on my thigh at the first place and I thought it was just his bag. Since my right hand was holding Iphone and on my left with lunchbox, I didn't give a damn care of it.

As the train moved from one to one station, his hand moved too.. to my private! It was way too crowded and I forgave him once and twice since I thought he didn't purposely did that. *Why didn't I asked him to moved back in the first place?* Goshh I should do so. I didn't wanna act rude and accuse him just like that.

Then I started to feel uncomfortable, as he stands nearer and his hand actually moved continuously there. WTF. I was like he purposely did this? Then I started staring at him, his hand automatically stopped! He doesn't even look back at me. Then I realized he did that on purpose! *I couldn't think!* I glared at him with anger until I arrived at Ampang Park station. The only thing came out from my mouth was only "Gila seks!!" "This guy.. stupid! Sex maniac." That's all.

My body was trembling with anger. People looked at me but I didn't give a damn. I wish I realized that earlier so that I can slap him. Oh no. I'm way too disgust to touch his face. Urghh I should just take off my heels and hit his head right away! That stupid ugly animal should just die!

P.s. I should snap a picture of him and send it to police station! I couldn't think! *full of regrets*

Friday, 21 May 2010

my working life

it's been 2 weeks working with Ranhill Bersekutu Sdn. Bhd.

another 6 weeks to go.

i'm undergoing my industrial training under Water Supply division.
other than water supply, they also provide mechanical, geotech, infra, structure, transportation, electrical etc. services.

ironically, i ended up slept 3 times on my very first day! ROFL
what do you expect?
introduced me to the staffs, asked me to read a book and i did. then just let me do nothing.
no PC for 3 days, i was bored to death!

As time flies by, i now can adapt the working environment.
they gave me works. double check on the plan with demand table, design thrust blocks, attend training etc.

but seriously, now i know why people do hate Monday.

P.s. thank God they have tea lady.
P.s.P.s. i'm no longer can watch Music bank, hate it so bad. there's no way i can reach home before 6. *my Super Junior......*

*my seobang on 100521 Music bank=)))*

Monday, 3 May 2010

@onewayyoungsky mentioned me

i was like..OMIGOSH!
the cutest member replied me..
finally! i'm so

so cute, right?! *fainted*

featured on 8tvnitelive!

my blog was featured on the show last night!

kinda cool, huh? =))