Tuesday, 27 April 2010

AigoO.. my oppa~

i really can't stop smiling and laughing seeing this..

he actually asked Defconn oppa to record him! *cute*

he's so adorable and being thoughtful...

and also, he's soooo addicted to Twitter now!

* * * *

d: What’s up Heechul
h: Hello everyone, I’m kim heechul. Because i don’t have this iPhone, so I always ask defconn hyung here to use his.
But (you all) don’t buy it!
It is not because I don’t have money.
But because it’s touch screen and it’s inconvenient so, I cant use it.
So I was eating with iPhone hyung. No no no.. defconn hyung.
Hyung~ don’t be like this. Actually it’s because of me that you are more popular now. (your popularity increase)
So our China, Thailand, US, Singapore, Philipines and overseas fans are many.
Same for our Korea (dae-han-min-guk).
Please support Super Junior’s album.
And our defconn rapper’s “How To Leave the Rapper”, right?
D: why? do you want to introduce to me?
H: Yes, have to introduce! I keep using hyung’s everyday.
Please support our rapper defconn’s “How To Leave the Rapper”,
Bye everyone!

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