Sunday, 21 March 2010

SS2's SUPER JUNIOR in Malaysia

ELFs were waiting..

Heechul-씨, 당신은 내거야...

definitely O-M-G!!! their arrival on 19th supposed to be at level 3, so everyone was like waiting for 2-3 hrs with all the banners, everything. unfortunately, they actually came out from VIP lounge at level 5 for god sake! lucky me,i can see them so closed, thanks to this abang and mkcik cleaner yg pecah temberang, talking right in front of me! i was like "yeke bang?" i should just take his number for future!


at first i couldn't see anyone but securities.. suddenly i was like, "oh,who's that pretty girl? must be the wrong person.. OH MY GOD, my HEECHUL!!" he was soooo DAMN GOOD LOOKING!! his skin was so smooth covered by his smooth fingers...totally i wanna grab n kiss him right away! i shouted "heechul-shii!" instead of "heechul-oppa!".. i feel bad. Sorry sorry^^


when he was in the van, he sat next to the window but of course, its tinted! but i can see his white skin through the window.. i was next to the window and waved at him. suddenly he waved and smiled at me! can you imagine that?!!! i'm like.. OH MY GOD!! he was actually smiling at me! i'm like all speechless and didn't know how to react, i just bow.. now when i think about it again, why i was soo stupid didn't do the 'heart' sign ??!!! but well, i know he knows.. he's my seobang after all~^^

* * * *

PLUS SUPERSHOW2 concert.. it was FREAKING CRAZYYYYY!! nearly 15,000 fans! it was super awesome when fans started to do the ombak~ *goose bump to the max!* as the light turned off, the whole stadium turned into SAPPHIRE PEARL BLUE!
 One of the highlights had the 10 members introducing themselves individually in the most entertaining manner: The Dangerous Cinderella Heechul, The Living Work of Art Siwon, Hottest Baby Kyuhyun, The Bubble Boy Yesung, Loveable Blurness Ryuwook, Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin, Bejeweled Eunhyuk, Sexy Fishy Donghae, Cutie Pie Shindong and Fallen Angel Leeteuk.

And of course, my DANGEROUS CINDERELLA MAN *Kim Heechul* was super duper hot! i was like "Oppa, saranghae!"^^
It was a shame that Kang-in, Kibum and Han Geng were unable to join their bandmates. Still, the 10 boys easily brought the house down with their mischievous antics. LeeTeuk and Donghae started to cry during Shining Star. Uljimaaa~ overall, SUPER JUNIOR 대박!!!

Well, one really needs powerful lungs, strong arms and boundless energy to be an ELF. And, yes, perhaps be half-deaf as well. My ears are still ringing from hearing “Super Junior saranghae!” repeatedly at the concert.

now i'm soooo wanna turn back times so that i can watch them again and again and again.. i'm soooooo into SUPER JUNIOR at the moment!!


With love,