Friday, 31 December 2010

tadaaaa. NEW ME!

Big change I've mentioned previously. tadaaaa!
Hopefully can maintain this new image, forever. InsyaAllah..
Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hero Malaya, Khairul Fahmi

ok don't laugh. I never thought I'm gonna make this entry. Might sounds like I'm adoring him now. ok, indeed I am. This Apex, he was soooooo good last night during AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Final. He managed to make more than 10 heart-stopping saves from the Indonesian team. Awesome match.

I've googled about him right after the match, and found out that he's taken.
check it here *damn* hahaa. but then I realized that he's only 21. ok, great. REJECTED! btw, great performance HARIMAU MALAYA. CONGRATULATION MALAYSIA!

Esok cuti, yeayyyy!!~

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Au revoir 2010, salut 2011

Gambar hiasan semata-mata. Nak tunjuk kegedikan my niece n auntynye depan camera! >.<

Another year has passed. Another calendar to be tossed away, or keep it for memories. Another year for new memories, new friends, new tears, and new laughs.

I had the
most fabulous 2010. Eventhough the year started out not so well as a final year student, but it really teach me something. DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Then it’s going so well with my research and design project, complete my degree level with first class CGPA and repeated another achievement like what I did during Diploma level, Vice Chancellor Award (ANC). Alhamdulillah..

Many things filled my last few months with challenging days of both study and play. So now I graduated, I kinda miss it now. Cause my classmates A-TEAM were awesome. Couldn’t wish for any better.
Now, I finally made up my mind. I choose to get a job related to my field, then will decide to further my Master studies. Pray hard to get a place overseas.

I can only hear myself say at this exact moment, one year ago, 2010 has been an amazing year for me. So as I predicted this a year ago, I'm going to predict what I feel for this new shiny year, with new chances.
I think it's going to be gentle. Very still, and I'm going to grow up, turn 25, OMIGOSH! and finally going to understand what I want to do with my life!
And I am going to see a change in my life. Trust me, BIG CHANGE.
In fact I'm in such a good mood I'm going to start 2011 with a fresh list of new year resolutions. Here goes..
Another year of struggling to lose kilos!
Improve languages.. English, Japanese and Korean language.
Learn new language, French! bonjour~
I'm a fashion terrorist! Need to improve my sense of fashions.
Learn interior design, thing that I love the most!
Learn sewing.
Be mature.
A boyfriend. Like seriously.
And lastly, super BIG CHANGE in my life. pretty soon. Just wait and see!
So I want to tell you all, happy new year and I wish you all the best! If 2010 treated you like crap, 2011 could only get better. Stay positive!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Top 6's 2010 sweet moments!

Quick review on sweet moments in fabulous year 2010!

Number 6: Trip to Malacca with my Sarawakian friends!

Number 5: Super duper great events with fellow classmates a.k.a A-Team!

Number 4: MTV World Stage 2010, in front of stage!

Number 3: Stalked ZE:A, when Siwan and Taehun appreciated my flowers. So damn happy!

Number 2: Family vacation at Genting Highland. I skipped 2 working days!

Number 1: Super Junior SS2 Concert, and I met Kim Heechul with my naked eyes, he smiled and waved at me. Heaven!
Awesome 2011 here I come!

With love,

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hye! It's me again, celebrated Cristmas Eve in Singapore this time around! yea, rite. hahaa My sister-in-law and me actually went to Singapore for 5 days, and everything is paid, by her. Yikes! So we actually stayed at Continental Hotel, very close to Orchard Road and the shopping complexes!

Since this was my first visit to Singapore, in the mood of a tourist, we took Hope Off Hope On Tour bus as soon as we arrived, and planned on where we want to go shopping for the next days.
So, on the next day, we went to Sentosa and see Merlion, the symbolic of Singapore! We went on top and see mostly construction views. They actually constructing Universal Studio at that time. So, auww. We then entered the museum, most likely same as our Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, but still enjoyed it tho since I never been to any museum in Kuala Lumpur, sorry! hehe During night, we rode on a cruise, and see the night view of Singapore!
As for the next day, we went to Night Safari and see the live lions, tigers, bears and so many wild animals. They also put a show of tigers and snakes to entertain us.
The next day, we spent our time, went to Little India, bought some souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia.

And my favourite part was, we walked along the Orchard Road and did shopping! That was the main reason why we really wanna visit Singapore. Year End Sale in Singapore is too awesome to resist! Kak Aznim bought a pair of work suits for me to wear for my first day of training, and 4 meters of super lovely design of kain ela! I bought a limited edition of Crocs for myself, and many more!

We enjoyed our staying there, and hopefully I can have a chance to visit SIngapore for next Christmas!
That's all for now, thanks for reading, peeps!

With love,

Friday, 24 December 2010

No longer a fanatic kpop lover?

Well. True. I though I'd be a lot of things at age 20s, but never was it in my wildest dream to be a fangirl. I was completely head over heels for Kpop. It started in year 2007 when I was so into BigBang and Wonder Girls. And it grew bigger and bigger with 2PM and Super Junior.

I've listened to no other except kpop's songs. Seriously. I've downloaded, never missed any new song, MV, live performance from my favourite idols. I've bought their albums from Korea, to show my love and support. I went to their concerts, fan meetings, even stalked them at the hotel and airport! Yes, I did all these stuffs. At this age.
Check it here for my fan accounts.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I had already gone too deep into Kpop fandom. It has been 4 years. New idols, new songs, new MVs. I think I had enough of these stuffs. But, I will forever adore, cheer and updating myself with these 2 idol groups;
  • 2PM
  • Super Junior especially my heartthrob SJ's Kim Heechul ;)

But I have my life to live on. Dreams to achieve. So, right now, right here, I want to announce that, I am Aya, no longer a fanatic Kpop fan. But I'm proud to be a sunbae (means "senior" in Korean) and one of the-first-get-to-know-kpop-world-yearite. I will miss all the fun being a fangirl.

With love,

AGE is only a number, really?

Here is the situation. A girl A was sulking when guy B offered girl C to buy cake for C's birthday. A said, "During my birthday, I've bought cake on my own.." Then B said, "You're old enough to buy it on your own. She's younger."

OK. Listen. Just because she's older slightly a year (not even a year, roughly 7 months?) than him, doesn't mean that the guy should treat her that way (especially if he's her crush. Big blow!). No woman wants to be reminded too often of her age and it doesn't really matter anyway (ok lie. pfftt!). So guys, for god sake, please don't!

P.s. Well, that A girl obviously me! omg. Do i really look old for my age?? *cryingggg*

ok boleh sepak saya skang! *piunggg!*

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

ohh my COACH!

A graduation gift given by my lil sis just arrived this morning from the US!!! Yikes!

A COACH clutch!

mode: love it soooo much! *jumping jumping*
Tx sis!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Girl's handbag : What's inside?

When I was looking for thumbdrive inside my handbag, I couldn't find it. Because it was way too semak inside!

These are particularly from my handbag. Ohh should change the entry. 'Aya's handbag : What's inside?'. But heyh, I think most of us girls have the same items inside, aite? Ohh please. You cannot lie to me ;)

So guys, have you ever wonder what's inside girls' handbag? Well, check this out.

These are the stuffs that I've bring along everywhere.
Coach | clutch
Daisy by Marc Jacob | perfume
Victoria's Secret | lotion and mascara
Bobbi Brown | Compact Powder
2 in it | eyeliner
Secret | blusher and lipstick
The Body Shop | lipbalm and concealer
Nivea | lipbalm

Other stuffs: Iphone, camera, car key, thumbdrive, pen, comb, pocket tissue, wet tissue, hand sanitizer

"Such a huge handbag!". Don't ever mention about it again. Well, I don't really do makeup. Compact powder, eyeliner and lipbalm, and hmm.. done!

P.s. Other things like shades, spectacles etc are inside my car. Just in case.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

in dilemma.

I cannot think. Wisely. My life at this moment is totally horrible. I have four choices to decide for my future, but there are pros and cons. And I have to decide within this week. The registration for Master studies by coursework in UiTM is next week. Arghhhhh!

ONE: I should do whatever it takes to apply Master and PhD overseas, just like what faculty asked me to do. That means, I shouldn't register my Master in UiTM, but focus on applying overseas, sit for the IELTS/TOEFL exam and work! But well, if only I got the place. Totally insecure.

TWO: I should register for Master studies here in UiTM, but change the mode of study by RESEARCH. So that it is easier to get scholarship either TPM or SKS. That means, instead of 1.5 years for coursework, it is gonna takes 2 years to complete for research. And possibility of my head will explode with all research thingy! OMG. Research is hard.

THREE: I should just start looking for a job, and do part-time Master studies. The thing is, I still don't have a job to cover my tuition fees. And I don't think I can do well when I am busy with work and study at the same time.

FOUR: Forget about application overseas and in UiTM. Forget about becoming a lecturer. I should find a job, and then later will try again to apply. Next time. After I've get married. Maybe. In future. I don't know. I give up.

* * * *

P.s. btw, I have found this link click here and click here related to the offer, and emailed to our beloved Dato' VC this time. And also complained about no-scholarship-for-Master-by-coursework's-students. Wish me GOOD LUCK! ;)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Dear Heepy!

Seriously. I am lonely without Heepy. A name for my Iphone. *Please. I am normal.. hahaa*
I even bought a new outfit for it!

But you Heepy, you turned up getting sick and not being so well for a few days. I need to pay rm300+ to repair you.

I need to use my old one for this time being. I don't feel comfortable to reply texts using it.

I am missing you. so much. Please. Get well soon.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

FIRST LOVE, is that so hard to find?

Frankly, I never have a boyfriend. Not even once. Not at all! I have always been comfortable being single and hangout with boy friends and not the type that can't live without a boyfriend.

I agree, I am easily fall in love, but I always put a wall in front of me, so that I will not fall in love deeply with men. Later then if he turned me down, I can still move on.

I, of course, would love to fall in love with a wonderful guy but I just don't think it's going to happen.

The criteria of my Mr Right; Brain-Looks-Money. But I know I will never get one. So I rather call it as Mr Too-Perfect.

Mr Even; ok this might sounds weird, i love guys with pretty hands. Feels like I want to hold his hands all the time! ok sounds pervert tho. Well, if he can play any music instruments, double bonus then! PLUS, single eyelids a.k.a mata sepet, TRIPLE BONUS!

But now I'm just being realistic. As now I'm getting more matured, I don't care about all those things when I fall in love. brain, looks, money, pretty hands etc, because I love him for being himself. That is my Mr Right.

But then I realize, instead of waiting another year for Mr Right, I should start working at becoming Ms Right instead. Work at making myself more approachable, genuine and accepting. I've got to be able to support myself, wise, playful and relaxed! In short, be all I want Mr Right to be.


So, I am responsible and ready for a big change in my life. Trust me, BIG CHANGE. Guess what? LOL better wait and see!

P.s. oh Once I found my FIRST LOVE, he is the one that I'll get married with ;)

Friday, 10 December 2010


Toothache! >.<
it has been 3 days! I can't sleep well. I went to see the dentist and asked whether I should get my teeth pulled out and I'm willing to sacrifice, because it is way too painful!

But since it has been affected by decay, then he suggested to make
a new filling to replace the old one, which I did and it cost me RM60. cheap,huh? But then again, as root canal sounded twice as scary, he suggested me to do it if the pain still persists.. and it will cost me RM500!


* * * * *

things that I've to avoid now..


Sunday, 5 December 2010

Headache! Master studies related


I went to meet our Deputy Dean Dr. Fozi regarding the offer to pursue my Master overseas. Turned up that I need to apply it by myself, and once I got the place, he asked me to see him. I repeat, ONCE I GOT THE PLACE!

I was like omigosh.. WTH with this?! The other day, he told me that the faculty will do the details. Now.. urghhh. I'm doomed! It's not that I want to give up now, but, frankly it's not that easy to get the place, just like that. it's Oxford you know! Harvard, Yale, Cambrige, MIT!

Then yesterday, my uncle, also a staff at UiTM encouraged me to ask our VC, Dato' Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Abu Bakar related to my application. And I did.

*it sounds quite silly i know..*

then I got a few helping feedbacks, a comment from Dato VC himself *not a very good one* and from this @#$%^& guy. *i really wanna type F word here!*
OMG comment from this freaking guy! totally pissed me off! what do you know about it?!! back off, u r not helping. AT ALL!!

Then I explained.. everything.
For my second comment, I've got 4 likes. And I feel relief. It feels like I was debating.. and won. Yikes!

Then Dato VC once again commented.

Finally I've got his attention and he asked me to meet him! This is EPICCCCCCCCC!

Friday, 3 December 2010

A day out with A-Team!

For our very unofficial first A-Team reunion, came all the way from KL, three of us met and had great lunch with Aimi, Aiman, John, Amal and Sali at Wak Solo. At evening, we watched Harry Potter together with Aimi and Aiman at Bukit Raja, then at night we went for singing karaoke at Klang and lepak-ing at Lilac with Sali, Daus, Jep, and Pijol.

Our very usual activities ;)
On the day when we were bored to death and got nothing to do and it was just 12 a.m. Since the guys were all tired and got work on the next day, so we went to Putrajaya by ourselves!

It was fun to see nice view of Putrajaya during night. Seriously calm. But it was super scary and cuak, anything can happen for the three of us girls! We went to all bridges, took pictures and we went back straight to S.alam. And at 5-ish in the morning. I was the only one left driving, Ana and Filla in their worlds - dreaming! hahaa niceee girls.

Thank you for such a lovely day Ana, Fila, Aimi, Aiman, Sali, Amal, John, Pijol, Daus, Jep!


P.s. you. 'take care, drive carefully' is this really hard to say?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Aunty Yan's favourites!

messy kiddos on Hari Raya Korban ;)

darlingness Alya Safiyah, Alif Safwan and Amar Danish.