Saturday, 19 September 2009

double match 20072007 to remember

today is hari raya, double match 20092009, and i will always remember the date two years before, double match 20072007!! OMG! i will never forget that! not any of us actually will forget that! it was such a horrible day, full of suspense, our live and death in UiTM sarawak! July 20th 2007 we were in final year, final semester.

we when swimming at the pool somewhere in Kuching area. it was me, atoong, yoy, hany, wan, bert, gary, apoi, wel, mir, chicheng, avi and some guys i can't remember. it was so not fun for me because i don't do swimming in public, with bikinis! gahhh i know, but it just so not me! i don't know i think that day was so omen, you know, the feelings was not right.. i don't know i just can feel it.. after swimming, avi went home and left us with our another plan. KARAOKE!! because of our large number, of course we can't sing in karaoke box like we always had done. so, one of us suggested (not me, of course) karaoke room! yea right karaoke room.. i had no idea what it was. even until we entered the place, i still don't know IT WAS A CLUB!! GROs were everywhere dancing and bitching and i don't know! OMG how innocent i am! then we entered the room and we sang, i hate to say this, my non-muslim friends did not order beers, but my muslim friends drank. OMG how pathetic was that! i don't know what to say, but what can i say, they were rejected as my candidate future husband whatsoever. NO WAY!

Then that was okayh, until after a few hours, someone knock the door when i was singing. JAIS!!!!! OMG i know! JAIS and police officers!! I.. I.. I'm death! we all be death that's what i thought! with the beers in our room.. i'm speechless. they asked us to sit, and gave the ICs. and we did. they didn't realize the beer tins at first, and when we were about to relief, then one of the JAIS officer realized, and asked whether is it true. now all of us speechless because we know who drank that damn drink, until one of the non-muslim friend lied and said it was him. such a saviour! then our data was recorded and will be sent to university. oh they don't have to do that. they can just give a call blablabla. i was crying badly that night. hany too, too bad for her, she's wearing tudung and was caught! that time hany and I can only say goodbye to ANC. all the hardworks, it's over. we feel bad to our parents. i can't think! Ayah De will know...OMG!!!! damn! how can i forget that? as manager at the hostel division, sure he'll know! what did i do?? after the incident, we stayed outside, lepak at warong Satok to think about it. what can we do? nothing.. just wait what's going to happen. that day, the girls spent outside since we can't enter the UiTM until 7. we were tired and horrible.. i can just pray so that we can still graduate..

we got by HEP to collect our letters, from JAIS! we went to JAIS and were investigated. thank god nothing happened, they just asked about that day, and all of us tell the same story, they released us. but it didn't stop there. a few weeks later, letter from HEP and we have to be asked in court! it's a bad news! when it involved UiTM court, it's not going to be easy. the whole UiTM staffs knew about it(of course including my uncle Ayah De) and we're death! and yes, it was not easy to convinced them. but they was shocked most of us are from CE, and a few of us are ANC's candidates!! i mean all the ANC's candidates from CE for this final semester was in the court, 4 of us. mir, yoy, hany and me. so, if they going to drop the ANCs, there would be no ANCers from CE this year which of course they won't let it be. so, at the end, they gave us as Warning not to go there again, it was in our records, but we're save!! OMG i don't know what to say. so last year, we safely graduated with ANCs Alhamdulillah..

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