Wednesday, 8 July 2009


. Ciao de ROMA .
*our journey continued from Paris, to Rome!*

At 5 in the morning we checked out the hotel and went to the bus station. The bus arrived at 6.30 a.m. and we almost missed the bus since the train was late! But we managed to get there at 6.18 a.m. and we arrived at the airport at 8.30 a.m. Our next flight to Rome at 9.30 a.m. and again, I slept as soon as we got into the plane! We arrived at 11.30 a.m. and it was so so hot, 37C!! The bus cost €4 only and took us to Termini, very near to the hotel.

As we arrived, we took a rest and had lunch, then started our plan to Coloseum by using train. and yes, it was hot! Qe took some pictures, and got dehyrated. We bought a small bottle of drink that cost us €2.50! But then takkan nk ade case mati sebab dehydrated kat Rome kot. then yangg buat I bangga was that ade 1 japanese tourist ni.. tetibe cakap Jepun dengan kitorg.. lucky us sebab ktorg amek nihongo course so paham die cakap and we can actually communicate! macam tau2 je ktorg tau bahasa Jepun. At least dapat praktikkan. Then we bought some snacks for our dinner and went back to the hotel.
The next day, we went to St. Pietro. it was kinda creepy there.. seriously. Holy water and priest's tombs were everywhere. seram! Then we walked to Pantheon and finally our last place was Trevi's Fountain. After i threw coin and made a wish *secret wish (= and I do hope it will come true* and it was still early at 2 p.m. we went back to the hotel, took shower and nak mkn italian's spagetti la kononnye.. tp tetibe change the plan, mkn nasi bryani kambing! cheehh kat Malaysia pun bleh dapat.
The next morning, we checked out at 8.00 a.m. and arrived at the airport at 9 a.m. sampai kat UK, took shuttle to the train station..arrived at Sheffield's station and Kak Layla fetched us. and Kak Layla said that kitorg itam glerr smpai die pun tak nampak ktorg! then that was the end of our adventure and interesting journey! mencabarr aite?!

P.s. Ohh I would love to share kegantengan Polizia in Rome, eventhough it was just their back! *drool*

With love,

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


When we said that we went to Paris and Rome just the two of us, only my sis and me, and they were like freaking out "hahh?!! berani nye kamu berdua nie.. brani sgt!" When I think again, yes we were so brave to go to Paris and Rome on our own. I mean, just my lil sis and me!! But then, it was a great experience i think!

. Boujour de PARIS .
Since our flight was at 6.30 in the morning, and nobody volunteers to wake up early, send us to the airport. So, we decided to take the last train in the midnight before, and slept at the airport! before bertolak lagi da ade probs. we bought the train tickets online (9.38 p.m.), but then when we arrived, our last train to Birmingham was canceled! Great.

But it was considered as their fault, so they asked us to stop at Darby and the person there will handle everything. Cuak jugak at first takut last train kat Darby pun dah lepas. and yeaa, memang dah lepas.. So after some argues, they then managed to get taxi and sent us to the
East-Midlands station.. FOR FREE! It was 12 o'clock and we just missed our last bus. So we need to catch cab to the East-Midlands Airport. And we paid £10 for that 2 miles journey!

And we ended up sleeping in prayer room a.k.a church.. and disebalik langsir ade sejadah. Weird. but then penat sangat, so tido je la. By using Ryanair, I slept along the journey. bile berlepas pn tak sedar. tau2 je da smpai Beauvais Airport. Then we took bus to the city, took train then to Eiffel Tower. It was so hot that day and we were tired enough and not in the mood to take pictures. So we went back to our Master Bed City hotel in Torcy. It was far from the city of Paris and cost us €5.20 one way train! So for those 3 days we spent more than €30. Dear.

On the second day we went to Louvre Museum, La Pyramide, Notre-Dame, and walked around the town.
Then the next day, we visited to Eiffel Tower again and took sooooo many pictures. we walked and went everywhere until we were damnnn tired. Oh yea.. we brought Maggie and 3 in 1 Milo. Apparently, there was no boiler in the hotel. so sbb terdesak gell, we drank Milo using hot tape water! sedeyhh kan? I know.. but it was not that bad actually. When I told my brother about that, he was like "kenape tak amek je credit card abang nan." yea rite, aritu tak offer pun. lalala~

Till my next post, in Rome! bye.

With love,

Monday, 6 July 2009



We stopped by at Blackpool on our way back to Sheffield. Just enough to see the view and visited the crazehh funfair! 

For the last week, we just stayed at home and went to town to finish up all the money I had. The best thing I bought, Kathy Van Zeeland’s handbag! Ohmigoshhh I know.. and almost get myself a Liz Claiborne too, but if I choose Liz Claiborne, then I can say bye-bye to NEXT’s watch! So, I choose watch.. 

On June 26th, its time to go back to Malaysia, we arrived at 9 p.m, and people were wearing mask! Then I realized, H1N1 was getting worse in Malaysia. END.

With love,

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lake District.


The next week, we went to Lake District, a rural area in North West England! A popular holiday destination, it is famous for its lakes and its mountains. The view was absolutely stunning. We stayed in caravan for 4 days, took a lot of pictures. Apparently, I forgot to take caravan’s picture! Before balik, sempat naek train Thomas cartoon tu. comel! And we stopped by at Blackpool.


Definitely a lovely road trip! Ohhhhhh I'm in love.

with love,