Sunday, 29 March 2009

He likes me... too!!!!

Ohmigod! I'm totally clueless! OMG OMG OMG! guess what?! i have this dude that i've got crush on with.. and yea, he's totally HOT! i admire him since the first time i saw him, last semester.. but it was too hard to get close to him.. ya laa.. i'm in water resources, and he's in management.. so the chances for us to know each other are like toooooo small...

Luckily, we're in the same group for this semester. so lil by lil i got the chance to talk to him even just a single word.. we actually act like nothing happened..yahh true. nothing happened.. but then i don't know why my english presentation about smoking a couple of weeks ago attracted him to tease me.. like ALWAYS! his friends too.. "Rokok sebatang", always give me smoking sign.. the weirdest thing is.. he is the most obvious among them. huhh really make me can't stop smiling!

yahh i like him... but i don't expect him to like me too! NEVER! but yesterday...i'm like ohmigosh! his friend told me that he likes me! OMG! hahhh like i said, i don't expect this! i don't trust his friend at first but.. his face suddenly changed.. like sooo shy. and he didn't deny about it either! OMG he just smiled! my goodness... my dear A.Y.A. (his name.. i don't realized it either, same as my name!) if u asked for my number that day, i will definitely give it to doubt!

P.s. i like you more than you know!

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