Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dean List Award degree part 4.

Right after diploma, after a few exception on credit hours, we were jumped straight to semester 4. Semester 4 was a tough semester. Very tough one. To be honest, I wasn't expect this award. I had a hard time. I never experience having a coolhearted lecturer, until I had to stayed up til morning just because I need to study on my own. Coolhearted friends, till I cried badly not only in front of my roommate, but also in front of Dean! Tough enough till I almost change my major. I prayed hard to achieve this. Alhamdulillah..

Among all Sarawakian friends, only 3 of us managed to receive the award. How sad.
Looking back during our UiTM Sarawak's moment.
Ghost me receiving the award. hehee
First time receiving plague. We didn't have that during diploma.

Hopefully with this award, I'll be able to stay strong and study hard to receive another Vice Chancellor Award for degree level this time. InsyaAllah..

with love,

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