Monday, 29 December 2008

Love is...

This is my most fav JDorama ever.. Love Revolution ラブレボリューションthe plots are the best!

Vol 1: Taxi
Love is like waiting for taxi. There isn't any taxi available
when you are waiting for them. They are either no taxi or the taxis
are taken by others. This makes me anxious. Just when I have decided
to go to another street, many empty taxis come in sight for me.

Vol 2: Love Season
In the morning just when I was about to go out, I am puzzled if I
should take an umbrella with me. Most of the time, I bring an
umbrella with me. It is taking a good precaution to avoid regrets.
However, it seems like this may not be a wise decision at the time.

Vol 3: Woman in love
There will always be a pair of shoes that don't fit you in your
shoe cabinate. It is too tight, but it seems to be just nice when
you try it our before buying. Thus, I bought the pair of shoes. I
never really think of the consequences of buying this pair of unfit
shoes and I just want to enjoy the feeling procession. Everyone
would have this experience.

Vol 4: Love Holidays
We are puzzled about what to bring for our vocation. Making a
decision is difficult and so is carrying the luggage. Since we have
brought it there, we shall pretent that we are tired. In another
words, we are trying to make ourselves tired by coming on a
vocation. In the end, we are so tired that we don't have to
strength to unpack our luggage and it is at a critical time.

Vol 5: Love Sick
Sometimes, we lost 1 sock. It should be somewhere in the house.
However, I failed to find it despite countless search. Thus, we
throw away the other one. Unexpectedly, we have found the lost sock.
It's many times happier than we first buy the sock. We can't bare
to throw away this useless sock.

Vol 6: Love Gap
When I have to use a 1000 yen note because I am short of a 10 yen
coin, I am reluntant to use it. Having think that I shouldn't have
bought that chewing gum in the morning, I would not have faced this
problem now. A trival matter has caused me trouble. I wouldn't have
thought of this when I bought the chewing gum.

Vol 7: Love Question
When I come across little personality test in magazines, I would
always go for it. When I don't get a satisfactory answer, I would
go back to the questions and answer them again. The answer we got
the second time is far from reality. When we do this repeatedly,
the answer is further and further away from the reality.

Vol 8: Love Airport
When I am trying to give way to the person in front, he moves in
the same direction as I am. When I move to the other side, he
follows. Finally, both of us decides to stand still.

Vol 9: Love Revamp
In examination, I would like to check the answers again. At that
time, I would always think that the other answer is a better choice.
Finally, I choose the other answer. However, the first answer is
often the correct one.

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