Thursday, 25 September 2008

i want to go to UK...but why??

i dont know.. seems like everyone is going to UK, further study there.. i've got the offers too, but why i'm not going? why am i here... one by one is gone. and i left here. am darn sad bout it. why am i didn't get the scholarship? why am i not even try to seek for it? why am i rejected those offers? how stupid! yup i should blame myself.. time is too limited. the dateline to accept JPA scholarship (in Malaysia) is coming soon. if i accept this, i am going no where.. i need to stay in Malaysia or else, i need to payback rm110,000!! what if i got the spot in UK for 2nd year, together with MARA scholarship? if i'm here, i can graduate with degree program for 2.5years. if i'm in UK, i'll get MASTER in 3years!!! but WHY??? what should i do.. God, please give me one more chance...

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