Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Time is ticking

Right now, at this moment, i'm more appreciating myself and my life. Even though it was kinda hard at first, really hard.. Fail to continue my degree right after matrix because of technical mistake, tebalkan muke I and start from zero! masuk diploma and everyone thought that I was doing degree course in sarawak.. MEMALUKAN kayh! 

My friends at my ages doing their degrees, tapi Allah uji with this kind of matter.. Honestly, that time in my 1st semester I was like.. 'hohh my, this is gonna be the end of my life'. Give up.

But then my Physics 2nd test really proved me something when I got the highest mark while org laen failed. At that moment, I rasa I am something, not nothing! After struggle a lil bit in that semester, I've got DL. Woww. That time I dapat satu encouragement told me that I CAN DO THIS! Then masuk 2nd sem, 3rd etc etc etc I got DL.. Until now..

Finally, I finished my final sem with 4FLAT!! Oh Gooshh ! yang ni I paling tak sangka.. Finally I dapat habis my diploma dengan 1st class. Dream comes true! I selalu berdoa so that I dapat cgpa cecah 3.8+ .Alhamdulillah, Allah betul-betul izinkan. Oh yeahh.. ramai orang tanya, senang ke Civil? jawapan i, of course its not easy larr!

I banyak sacrifies in this sem.. I've been hurt a lot in this semester. I promised to myself, NO LOVE FOR ME. Siap pakai a black pendant so that I can remind myself, DON'T FALL IN LOVE, AYA! really~! I've worked hard in ETR, design project..

being a person yang orang aim to do shortnotes so that they can do photocopy,
being a person yg orang ajak duduk sebelah time test so that diorg boleh tiru,
being a person yg orang cari for notes and tunjuk ajar whenever diorg tak turun kelas,
being a senior yg junior cari untuk pinjam and photostat all the notes..

I don't mind for all of that, its my PLEASURE actually, rasa I am SOMETHING now hehe. So I got 4FLAT for this semester, and finished with ANC in my hand, i feel proud of myself.

Now, I have no regret or malu a lil bit pun yang I pernah buat diploma! kawan-kawan, I BUAT DIPLOMA JE!

A bit dissapointed sebab I dapat a few offers sambung kat UK but I couldn't manage to secure a scholarship. But still no regret sebab if sambung shah alam pun I dapat jimatkan masa I.. 2.5 years, sekejap je I think. I've got a lot of things to do here. Belajar Nihongo yang I nak sangat since Form 1, dapatkan ANC time degree jugak, nanti-nanti lar Master baru sambung UK, Germany ke.. hahaha Mdm Maureen sangat!

WISH THE BEST OF LUCK FOR ME, and for all of ya!

with love,

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