Friday, 27 June 2008

Thank you for being such a pain PART3

Oh Goshh.. I never thought the thing I've said before really.. it's SCARY!

"You asked for my forgiveness, I forgive you for all of these. Because I know, Dia maha Adil, akan ada hikmah dan balasan di sebalik semua yang berlaku."

Those words are really.. urghh! it happened! its not like I'm praying for their punishment, but it just happened. I never thought those words really show them something..

In PART1, i told about how she start flirting with him and I couldn't take it. In PART2 is when I knew they started to be together behind me.. and it's killing me.

After they were both together, I was not myself anymore.. 7 days, I didn't give any news to any of my friends. Yes, I ran away from these. I couldn't accept it, but still I have to adapt with it. Being betrayed this way.. urghh, I really hope this never happened.. But still, it's too late..

Seeing them together, everyday in class.. make me sick. But I tried to avoid everything.. 'it's okayh, Aya..this is the last semester, you can do this!' as I can accept it with all my heart, i've heard the most bad news about them.

But now its not the time to blame others.. Eventhough they feel bad for what they've did to me, but both of them are still my friends. In this situation, they need friends the most.. and I play my roll, as her friend..

After a while, it was in silence.. no news. I thought that everything was ok.. but who never knows what would come next.. Suddenly one day, she didn't come to class, she gave me a call.. told me that Pengarah Kampus asked her to quit from university! Yes, for some  big reasons both of them have to quit.. i'm speechless! Totally speechless.. This is our final semester, final exam is in another 2 weeks to go.. and they need to quit before this weekend.. They can do nothing but just to accept it. That time I realized about the thing I said to her before. Is this really because of me? Because of my words? Can I take my words back?

But it was too late.. She came to our class and gave her letter to Madam Maureen, she waited for us to say goodbye.. I kept thinking about their problem every single day, whether i'can do anything to hold these things to happen. But I know, I only can do nothing. I couldn't hold my tears anymore.. and in front of all people, I cried.. all of us cried..

We graduated without 2 of them.. I really hope that both of them can achieve success even though we are in different path now.. Even though you did hurt my heart, but I wish both of you can be together forever.. May Allah s.w.t bless both of you..

with love,

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